(Credit to CMan123430 on the Nitrome Wiki for alerting me)

Apologies for being late with this post, School seems to be getting longer and longer. Anyway, Nitrome has released a new game! Flipside 2 Rush!

In Rush, you along with 3 other speedy runners are racing, for, what I think, no apparent reason at all. The 3 speedy men have 2 options, to race for fun, or to race until everyone else has gotten tired and fell off the track.

In Rush, you are a racer and have to win every level in order to progress to the next. Each Track is loaded Energy Boosts and other stuff.  Tired of an opponent? Why not flip them! Get ’em back for whatever they did to you!

I actually like this game, and I find the racing aspect along with the Gravity aspect a great mix between the Miniclip game Gravity Guy and Flipside. In case you haven’t read the Blog article, John Kennedy (not the US president) was almost late for his flight, let’s hope that no Snow Storm delays his flight.

Mat also said that the game will be updated  again on January to get rid of glitches.

So, ready to race? Click the link below…Linky’s on vacation. Oh, and Merry Christmas!



2 Responses to Rush

  1. Doom says:

    Yeah, they better get rid of glitches, because I’ve been noticing quite a few. Did you see when you complete all the levels in a section, it would say “Cup Won” but won’t let you submit score? You have to practically refresh the page in order to play the game again!

    But I do like this game. It is entertaining to play with other people.

  2. Tobie says:

    This reminds me of how much I want a Flipside 2, but anyway, this game is cool too 😉

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