Nitrome Touchy interview + Recap

December 5, 2012

Hi all! It’s likely many of you have noticed my rather sparse contributing to my blog. I haven’t left it, I’ve just… kind of forgotten about it. I remembered it some time back and decided to make a new blog post when Nitrome posted something new. Well, today Nitrome posted something new.

Nitrome was interviewed by MochiMedia about Nitrome Touchy. The interview is rather long (long is good), and packed full of Nitrome Touchy secrets Nitrome hasn’t revealed yet! So, why not give it a read? Nitrome Touchy interview


And now to recap what Nitromey stuff has happened since my last post. If some of you think I haven’t done any Nitrome things for a long time, you’ve been mistaken. I’ve been quite active on the Nitrome Wiki. If you want to see what happens daily on the Nitrome Wiki, be sure to drop by the Recent Changes, everything everyone does is recorded there. Now, to recap what happened since my last post (from latest to earliest, top to bottom):

  • Nitrome announced on October 18th they now have 150,000 fans. At the time of me writing this, they currently have 162,651

    Don't believe me?

    Don’t believe me?

  • Nitrome on October 18th updates the Flightless site, adding new side artwork, some FAQ (fans and questions), and quotes from some comments on Steam
  • Is October 18th Mat Annal’s birthday? Yet another piece of information! Nitrome does an Ice Breaker iOS update (link). The site also gains a new page – Characters!
  • October 19th: 1 day later, more Nitrome Touchy games are revealed!
  • October 25th: 6 days later, Nitrome reveals even more Nitrome Touchy games!
  • October 26th: Nitrome Touchy Week continues with the reveal of how you can play games in fullscreen! Oddly, I already assumed they would be in fullscreen.
  • October 31st: Seems strange, don’t you think? Whenever Nitrome annouced an iPhone games, you never assume they are going to release it in such short time. Well, Halloween marked the release of Nitrome Touchy! Yay (why was I excited then? I don’t even have a smartphone)! And for a first, Nitrome’s release trailer for the game has absolutely glorious music! Usually, you only get awesome tunes like this for each Nitrome game menu! Also, the music was done by Lee Nicklen (I assume you think I’m lying)!
  • November 14th 2012: Two weeks after the release of the Nitrome Touchy, after cleaning up all the glass and smashed iPhones lying around Nitrome Towers due to the “2 weeks of Nitrome Touchy partying”, Nitrome decides to put up another blog post (please note that the “smashed iPhone and glass” stuff is simply a joke…at least… I believe there was no iPhone damage), Nitrome asks fans to vote for them on Flightless. Could you believe Nitrome shot up so close to finishing the greenlight phase? They (at the time) were at 98% (with votes). Only two percent away! Be sure to vote for Flightless on Steam!
  • November 15th 2012: Nitrome revealed Swindler 2, revealing the trailer. Also, new features are revealed. The game will also be immediately Nitrome Touchy compatible on game launch.
  • November 21st 2012: Nitrome releases Swindler 2. Unlike the previous Swindler game, Swindler 2 got revealed and soon released, unlike Swindler 1 that got revealed than for a long time wasn’t heard of
  • November 21st 2012: To commemorate Swindler 2’s release, Nitrome pleases fans by releasing Nitrome T0uchy for Android. Ahhhhh… a sigh of relief for Nitrome. No more having to tell fans Nitrome Touchy will come for Android, no longer having to copy-and-paste responses, no more having to hold back the rage of “Why don’t you read the Nitrome Blog? We’re going to release Android for Touchy!!!”.

Well, that’s all that happened while I neglected my blog. Hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Also, the Nitrome Wiki has nominated the Flightless article as to help Nitrome gets votes. This nomination will (likely) be extremely helpful to Nitrome, as this article will be tweeted and blogged about on Wikia’s Twitter and Facebook (respectively).


Nitrome releases demo for Flightless – the Nitrome game previewed over a year ago

October 18, 2012


Any of you remember the above image from September 27 2011? This image was previewed by Nitrome over a year ago, and even after a few months Nitrome hd not provided any more information on it. Nitrome told one fan on Facebook (according to Random Story-keeper of the Nitrome Wiki) that the game was an exploration type game, and was taking longer to create.

Two weeks before this game’s big revealing, Aaron Steed (who programmed the game) was looking for beta testers of Nitrome upcoming ladder game. It wasn’t known that this game was actually the game Nitrome had previewed a year ago. I knew about it, and didn’t email St33d to beta test it. Wish I did.

If I had beta tested it, I would have been amazed by it. Despite that, Nitrome released a demo for the game, a trailer, a minsite, and more information on the game. That Monday October 13th was quite a surprise. Nitrome revealed that the game – called Flightless – is a puzzle platformer game that involves you exploring a large open world searching for gems.

This game strays from the usual Nitrome formula of having levels, and instead of the past way of traversing a game, the player is placed in a large 2D world made up of a multitude of rooms. That isn’t the only new thing about this game, you play as a flightless bird who can’t jump, but can climb ladders. Ladders are your friend in this game, as without those, your quest for gems is hopeless. Fortunately, you can create a ladder wherever you are – bar falling in the air.

The ladder will be shot vertically, and stop when it meets a solid object. You have to use this object and your wits to collect gems. And you aren’t along in your adventure, if you have someone else who would wish to play, they can play, as Flightless supports two players playing simultanously. The screen is split for this, so both of you only get half a screen, but you aren’t confined to having to be in the same room, both player’s can go wherever they want, or help each other in claiming a gem if that is what they perfer.

To start you off, Nitrome gives you a free, 34 room demo of the game. Some puzzles in this game are tricky, but are easier with a second player. Nitrome has annouced that this game has been put up on Steam Greenlight. For all of you who don’t know what Steam Greenlight is (and I’m assuming there are a lot, not even I knew), Steam Greenlight is a section of the Steam website (the Steam website is a website which sells games for you to download and play) that allows developers to put games on Steam’s site, but only if the game during the Greenlight phase receives enough votes.

Steam will create a page for the game, and registered Steam users can vote whether they would buy the game if it came out, or wouldn’t buy the game. If the game receives enough votes, Steam will put the game up on their site. A rather clever idea. Nitrome is asking all fans to vote “Yes” to the question “Would you buy this game if came out?” so Nitrome can put it into the Steam store and get money from the purchases.

This comes to the premium part (no no no, this blog is still free to read), the full version of this game will not be free, you wll have to pay for it. After playing through the demo, you will probably want to vote for it, right? Today, Nitrome updated the minisite with some new art, and listed quotes by other people about how great the game is.

Well, finishded reading? If so, and you have a steam account, vote for Nitrome on steam, so they can release the game! Also, sorry for being late with this blog post, I was busy writing about Flightless on the Nitrome Wiki. On another note, if you are having trouble with the game (such as trouble finding a gem), then please go to the Nitrome Wiki page on this game, as I have posted a complete video walkthrough on the game. Along with that, I have taken a picture of every room in the game.

Flightless Nitrome Wiki article

Skywire VIP Shuffle released!

August 11, 2012

Well everyone, Nitrome has provided us with an unexpected release on Friday. For a long time now, we haven’t seen those unexpected Nitrome game releases since around 2006-2009, back when Nitrome was still young.

This game has the regular Skywire VIP gameplay – Cable Car brings famous person as bean person, and you have to try and guess who it is. This time, they’ve added new features. Is a level too hard? You can now skip it, with the Pass Option. Simply click the pass (and shock the Panda while doing so) to complete the level, with 0 points.

The game is now randomized, so each Bean Person you get  is a random, unanswered bean person. Along with this, you no longer have to complete the game in one sitting, whenever you complete a level or leave the game, progress is recorded. You can now come back to the game any time and come back to where you left off.

This game does not allow you to complete the entire, 100 levels in minutes (I completed Skywire VIP Extended in 3 minutes 45 seconds), due to the randomization.
Click here to play!

Full walkthrough on the Nitrome Wiki

Ice Breaker iOS site updated!

August 9, 2012

Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed the unusually long gap in posts. The fact is, I completely forgot about my blog. It was only today I remembered. Well, anyway, Nitrome has updated the Ice Breaker iOS site with three new sections: Updates, Comments, and Sign Up!

Updates is where Nitrome reveals content about Ice Breaker iOS, comments is where you can see all the comments made on Nitrome’s Facebook Social Plugin, and Sign Up! is where you can sign up for the Ice Breaker iOS newsletter, delivered through email.

Well, from the updates page you can access all the other pages.

My reign of neglect over my blog is over! You can now expect to find blog posts on all Nitrome blog posts that aren’t Friday Update’s, Distribution, or Pixel Love.

For an in-depth look at the Ice Breaker iOS site, head over to the Ice Breaker iOS page on the Nitrome Wiki.

Ice Breaker iOS page on the Nitrome Wiki.

Ice Breaker iOS announced!

July 12, 2012

On Tuesday, Nitrome provided us with an image of an iPhone with the screen taken up by several ice cubes accompanied by a question mark (?). This new sequel gave Mat “goosebumps”, and ended the blog post telling his fans to “chill”. Ice cubes and vocabulary describing the effects of the cold, and the cold associated with winter, caused many fans to believe the indie gamer’s first iPhone game was going to be a sequel to Ice Breaker.

Well, they were correct! Nitrome announced that the iPhone game will be called “Ice Breaker iOS”. This game has superb graphics, a whole bunch of new physics stuff, and a whole lot of ice breaker goodness! The game will feature a map for you to navigate on, new objects to interact with, a end-of-map bosses!

I’m not sure how they are going to pull off the bosses part, though. This will be nitrome’s first iPhone game. If you want to find out more about the game, visit the page on the nitrome wiki!

This game, like super feed me, also has a site! If you want to see how good the site look, click the link below. If you want to have an in-depth look at the game, you should visit the nitrome wiki article.

Nitrome Wiki article

Official Game Website

Hot Air Jr. released!

June 28, 2012

It was quite a surprise when I logged on to and found Hot Air Jr. had been released. The unusual thing was that the game was released on Thursday, instead of Friday, when most Nitrome games are released. The game consists of (I think) 34 levels of Hot Air goodness.

If you notice, you will see that the art wasn’t done by Mat Annal (co-creator of Nitrome, did art for Hot Air 1 and 2), but instead, Stefan Ahlin. Ahlin’s work is really good, as you can see from Enemy 585 (those cloud designs are amazing!). Hot Air Jr. hasn’t changed much from the Hot Air formula, other than he falls faster and is harder to control when you hold the fan to his head to make him move faster (and also doesn’t move as fast as in Hot Air 1 & 2).

Other than that, the game is pretty much the same. This game actually motivated me to finish my school work faster (2 hours faster), so I could go play this game! Anyway, the art for this game is magnificent, and although Hot Air Jr. is a little more difficult to control than his father, the game is still fun, just a little hard to control in some parts.

Play Hot Air 3: Click

Super Snot Put released + soon taken down

June 7, 2012

You make a sequel for a game. Stumped (no pun intended) on what to name it? Give it the prefix “Super”. “Super” Feed Me, “Super” Snot Put, “Super” Metroid (Super Metroid isn’t a nitrome game). Super Snot Put is the name of Nitrome’s latest game. This game is exactly the same in gameplay to its predecessor, and is also the only mini game to receive a sequel. The only changes is that the art has been update, some new art has been added, and you can challenge your friends on Facebook to see who can fling the farthest.

This game seems to have been made mainly to show how the Facebook challenging thing works. To challenge somebody (I think) you send them an invite (or something like that). I got that from the next Super Snot Put blog post. Now, about it being taken down. Don’t think you’re seeing things or this is Nitrome’s very late April fools joke.

There was a problem where a majority of Nitrome’s facebook fans were unable to play it on Nitrome’s app page. Not only was this the only problem, many of the invites that were sent to others to come play the game ceased to function. Likely next week the game will be able to be played again.

Well, this concludes this blog post!

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