In Some Nitrome Games, there are Cameos of something from other Nitrome Games, Here is a list of them:

The Blue Hot Air Balloon appears rendered in Levels like Level 04: Pit Stop.



  1. The Blue Hot Air Balloon (1a) appears rendered in Levels like Level 04: Pit Stop.
  2. The Gray, Orange, Squirrels and a Yellow Chick appear in a Tree near the Portal on Level 15 of Sandman.

Chick Flick

  1. In some levels, the Blue Hot Air Balloon Head appears sometimes as a Bouncy Object.
  2. On Level 2, the Sleepwalkers appear in the Background in the Desert.

Feed Me!

  1. On Level 14: Thorny Pavilion, Trees from Sandman Appear in some parts of the Level.

Tanked Up

  1. The Blue Hot Air Balloon’s Head appears on the Hull and Wings of Wrecked Planes on the Track Desert Heat.

Gift Wrapped



  1. Chicks from, Chick Flick appear on some Wrapping paper(3b).
  2. The Sleepwalkers (Sandman) appear on some wrapping paper(3a) dressed in Santa Suits.




  1. The Red, and Grey Squirrels (4a) are Bouncing a Chick from Chick Flick, and Appear as Enemies.
  2. The Hedgehog from Roly Poly (4b) appears as an Enemy.

Hot Air 2: All Blown Up





  1. The Balloon unlocked on Level 22 (5a) has the Face of a Boulder Doodle from Scribble on it.
  2. The Balloon Unlocked on Level 24 (5b) as the face of a Mud Fountain in Square Meal.
  3. The Balloon unlocked on Level 26 (5c) of Hot Air has the Face of a Chick from Chick flick.
  4. The Balloon unlocked on Level 26 (5d) has the Face of an Egg from chick flick.

Off the Rails

  1. The Blue Hot Air Balloons Head appears on some Water Towers
  2. A Hovering Robot from Toxic Appears sometimes behind a Keep Out sign.

Pest Control

  1. In the Rubbish Yard Scenario, The Blue Hot Air Balloon appears on a blue Pop Can in the Background.
  2. The Flies are the Same flies from Feed Me!



  1. On a Treasure Chest (8a) , Norman Noggin’s (Headcase) head appears on them.
  2. On some Stones, Norman Noggin’s Head appears on them.

Skywire 2

  1. The Mole from Off the Rails appears as an Enemy.




  2. The Fly from Feed Me! appears as an Enemy.
  3. The Green and Blue Troll appear as passengers.
  4. Heather Stancliffe, Mat Annal (9b), and Lee Nicklen (9c)appear as Bean People.
  5. The Viking may be a Cameo of Ice Breaker.
  6. Adam (9d) and Eve (9e) appear as Bean People.

Small Fry

  1. The Moon from Cheese Dreams appears in the Background.
  2. The Stary Background is the same Background from Cheese Dreams.
  3. The Place the player plays on  is actually the Planet seen at the bottom of the screen in the Intro and Ending of Cheese Dreams.


  1. When the Player loses to the Boys, the Boy Captain says “LOL Like playing a Nitrome Video Game”!


Final Ninja

  1. The Octoboss appears on a Neon Sign on the walls (12a)


  1. Hot Air (Hot Air!)’s Head appears etched in a stone.


  2. Black Ball (Twang)’s Head appears etched in a stone sometimes.
  3. Green Troll (Square Meal)’s Head appears etched in a stone sometimes.

Frost Bite 2

  1. Jack Frost appears frozen in  Block of Ice.
  2. A Magneboy Snowman appears in some levels.
  3. A Green Troll (Square Meal) Snowman appears in some levels.
  4. A First Clan Viking (Ice Breaker) appears frozen in a block of ice.
  5. When the player loses, the lose screen says on the right corner “Skywire Kids ride free”.
  6. In some levels, a Christmas tree from Gift Wrapped appears.
  7. The Yeti (Snow Drift) appears frozen in a block of ice sometimes.


  1. Magneboy is sometimes buried in the ground, and is sometimes reaching up from it.

Final Ninja Zero

  1. On level 18, when the player have just escaped left of the Force Field Power thing, and they  go down a long Drop, and a message from Monty (Dirk Valentine) will be intercepted; saying : “Right Dirk… What? You again?! Get off this channel!”.

Cosmic Cannon

  1. Hot Air (Hot Air!)’s Head appears on a ball
  2. Black Ball (Twang)’s Head appears on a ball.
  3. The Green Head from Knuckleheads appears on a ball.
  4. A Chick from Chick Flick appears on a ball.
  5. The Moon from Cheese Dreams appears on a ball.

Double Edged

  1. On level 3-2, a Cat from Twin Shot appears as a Statue.
  2. The Helmet worn by the Helmet Dark Things have a resemblance to the Helmet worn by the Spartan
  3. The Hammer is the same hammer used by the Red Clan Viking Leader in Ice Breaker the Red Clan.
  4. In Level 2-2 the Enemy Commander says “Stop…Hammer Time!” which is also said by the Hammerhead Sharks in Mutiny when the player loses.
  5. When the enemy Commander (Mentioned Above) is killed, he says “Can’t touch this!”. A reference to the song “Can’t touch this”.

Castle Corp

  1. On the Magic Book, it has the Wizard from Magic Touch.

Cave Chaos

  1. The Boulder is the Same Boulder from Double Edged.

Graveyard Shift

  1. The Maidens have a similar look to the Blue Ladies from Ice Breaker.

Cold Storage

  1. In Cold Storage, the hand of the giant is sometimes seen sticking out of the wall.
  2. The Flying Worm is actually an enlarged version of DJ (Cave Chaos) – the worm that comes out of MO’s Mouth.

Skywire V.I.P

  1. There are cameos of: Headcase, Off the Rails, Final Ninja, Skywire, Frost Bite, Toxic, Square Meal, Yin Yang, and Dirk Valentine.

Blast RPG

  1. On level 1 and 4, a building in the background looks like the head of a Viking from Ice Breaker.

Tiny Castle

  1. The Skeletons when killed fall apart and make a sound like the skeletons when killed in Double Edged.


  1. On Level 24, the Kitty Cruiser from Rockitty appears parked on the Planet.

Super Feed Me

  1. In the Background underneath the Greenhouse when the Venus Fly Trap is eating the flies, a Normon Noggin (Headcase) Figurine, Yeti (Snow Drift) Figurine, and the Green Troll (Square Meal) Figurine appear in the Background.


  1. When the Player’s Character (Yellow Triclopian) dies, the Scream he lets out is the same scream that Kapwowski lets out when he dies.
  2. The Giant Purple Laser Beam shot by the Omega Dragon (Boss on Level 20) is the same Laser Beam shot by the Big Black Knight (Final Boss in Tiny Castle) in Tiny Castle.

Fault Line

  1. On the end screen, the Flipside Car can be seen for a brief second. Credit to Bamseper


  1. A possible Cameo is in the background, a planet in the sky has a strong resemblance to the Moon from Cheese Dreams.
  2. The Brick platforms are from Rubble Trouble, only sized bigger. Credit to ug5151

Worm Food

  1. The Green Glowing Trees are the same as the Trees in Double Edged. Credit to Bamseper

Sky Serpents

  1. The leaves blowing around on level 10 are the exact leaves that blow around in BC Bow Contest.
  2. The background when the player is on the Titlescreen and when they are fighting the Worm Serpent (level 8  ) is a recoloured version of the starry background in Cheese Dreams.

Chisel 2

  1. On one level, the player has to cut down to size a planet that is shaped and has a design of the Moon from Cheese Dreams. The moon also makes an appearance in the ending. Credit to Joaquin


  1. A Guard from Dirk Valentine can be seen in the ground. Credit to Bamseper
  2. When the cannon is fired, Dirk Valentine’s jump sound can be heard. Credit to Csilvernail

Rubble Trouble Tokyo

  1. On level 2, one screen has the Superhero from Pixel Pop while the third screen has the monster from level 2 of Pixel Pop. Credit to Leon
  2. On level 23, a screen reads “Final Ninja Sushi” with the Sushi lunch from Final Ninja between the moving words. The above screen shows Takeshi running and words moving above and below him reading “Final Ninja”.
  3. Level 30 has a screen with the Off the Rails game on it. Credit to Leon


  1. Grabbing a 1000 point fruit will make the sound heard when the player completes a level in Steamlands. Credit to Leon

Mega Mash

  1. The First Boss, Insectica Prime, has an almost identical appearance to the Green Sky Serpent in level 2 of Sky Serpents. Credit to Leon

Cameos of Nitrome in non-Nitrome games

  1. In the Wii Exclusive game Snail Mail, the green enemies in the game are identical to the Green Enemies of Flash Cat. This is likely homage to that the gameplay of the game is very similar to Flash Cat.Credit to Nonhumanoid
  2. In the Miniclip game Obama’s Alien Defence, one ad on a board is advertising Sketch Star, with an example being an Off the Rails sketch.

For a full list of Cameos in Nitrome Games, please see the Cameos page on the Nitrome Wiki



30 Responses to Cameos

  1. bamseper says:

    when you win in fault line the car from flipside can be seen in a second

  2. Thanks for telling me! I’ll give you credit for it. I wasn’t sure what that thing was.

  3. bamseper says:

    the trees from worm food are the same as the trees from double edged=)

  4. ug5151 says:

    The brick platforms in ribbit are from rubble trouble but are sized bigger

  5. ug5151 says:

    The green guys in the ships in fat cat are from go go ufo only the bottom is coloured diffrent

  6. ug5151 says:

    The spinning hips :P.

  7. ug5151 says:

    hips is ships D:< i messed up. whoops

  8. In what level is it?

  9. ug5151 says:

    like 2 levels after the first boss, i forgot.

  10. Funlerz says:

    On the first level in mutiny, if you lose to the boys, the boy captain actually says “That was fun, like playing a nitrome video game lol.”

  11. bamseper says:

    check the blog post of super treadmill on nitrome
    there is a picture of magne boy

  12. bamseper says:

    the balloon (5b) from skywire 2 isnt a mole its a monster from square meal

  13. makirbo says:

    the sign on the ending from “square meal” is the same from the “feed me” game

  14. james says:

    in the end of ribbit dr.siameze gets all comined with a bunch of animals

  15. Csilvernail says:

    hopefully sounds count in Steamlands when you shoot your cannon from the engine room you hear Dirk Valentine’s jump sound

  16. Leon says:

    In the last level of Ruble Trouble Tokyo, you can see a giant screen with the “Off The Rails” game on it and on level 2 there three screens one off them have the guy of the first level of pixel pop and the third have the monster of the second level of pixel pop

    (sorry about the english, i’m not so good at it)

  17. Leon says:

    in Canopy, when you grabs a 100o points fruit, you can listen the same sound from when you finish a level in Steamlands

    *sorry about the english, I’m not american*

  18. Leon says:

    in Mega Mash, on level 10, (first boss) the boss is a Sky Serpent!

    *sorry about the english, I’m not american*

  19. Random-storykeeper says:

    I just realized the walls they use in Carrot Story look the same as the walls from The Bucket, with the starry pattern and border lining, the only difference being, they’re a different colour.

  20. Random-storykeeper says:

    When the pink hoodie guy (I think it’s Justin Bennet) from Nitrome Must Die gets hit, he sometimes makes the same noise as when Larry from Rubble Trouble when he gets hit accidentally.

  21. nonhumanoid says:

    The green enemies in Flash Cat are EXACTLY the same as the green enemies in the game Snail Mail (not made by nitrome).

  22. Bamseper says:

    The balloon (5b) isn’t a mole – It’s the easiest monsters from Square meal 😉

  23. Joaquin says:

    One Chisel 2 The Moon Can Be Seen In The Anding And On A Lvl As A Planet To Cut

  24. DrSoup says:

    In the ending of mega mash it talks about the Ninja game and it says. “He left his wife to to take care of there new born son, Takeshi” Which is the Final Ninja

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