Double Edged Hacked?

I’m not sure, but I think Double Edged has been hacked. What I mean is, I think a Hacking tool (possibly) has been used to get into Double Edged. The suggestion of being hacked came to me yesterday when a person on the Nitrome Wiki told me about his encounter with the Black Crested Spartan in level 4-3, in 1 player (1P) mode.

He says that when he was in the Spikes section of level 4-3, holding a Hammer, after he killed all the Skeletons, the Black Crested Spartan appeared next to him. When he attacked, the Spartan moved. When he killed the Black Crested Spartan, it said „457Dreajh445”. This seems to be either the Hackers username.

So, a hack, or technical error? I believe it to be a hack. Anybody else experienced this, or something similar? Well, Double Edged is known to have been unofficially released almost a month before its release, but if this has anything to do with the hack, I’m not sure.


8 Responses to Double Edged Hacked?

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) says:

    What level is 4-3?

  2. bamseper says:

    in 1 player mode if you click the attack button for player he will appear….

  3. bamseper says:

    oops i mean if you click p2 attack button player 2 will appear

  4. bamseper says:

    new game on nitrome its called rush it dont works on my computer…

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