How to support Nitrome

As we all know, Nitrome makes games because they want to make money. The Money Nitrome gets goes towards making great Games, like Sky Serpents, Ice Breaker, Skywire. All these games were made possible by people who supported Nitrome.

The Money goes into games, goes to pay Artists (Markus Heinel, Stefan Ählin), Programmers (Heather Stancliffe, Aaron Steed), and the Musicians Lee Nicken and Dave Cowen. Below are the ways you can support Nitrome, so they can continue making games, and better ones to!

  1. Ads – Probably everybody hates ads when the play games, but when you have nothing to do, or you just wanna help Nitrome, clicking ads on will give Money to Nitrome, and it doesn’t cost you anything to do it!
  2. Microtransactions – Probably the best rewarding type of Support to Nitrome. In Games like Twin Shot 2, paying just $3.75 US will grant you 50 levels of Platforming fun, with probably hours of play! Want some crazy fun? $1.25 can get you there with Cheats N’ Treats. Shrink, Grow, collect Bats, and more! With tons of stuff in the  menu you can execute on all levels. This requires you to make a Mochicoins account, which is free.
  3. Super Feed Me – When the game comes out, buying this for your iPod Touch/iPod will give money to Nitrome, along with all-new stuff for you in a portable game.
  4. Music – Listen to up to 40  Tracks of Nitrome’s awesome Music, with Music composed by both Lee and Dave, Available from iTunes, Napster, and AmazonMP3 with a single song as cheap as $0.99.

See how you can Support Nitrome without paying anything? So next time your bored, why not Read my Blog, Read the Nitrome Wiki click ads for Fun, or play Nitrome games.


4 Responses to How to support Nitrome

  1. kj says:

    Its a good idea to click on ads… I want to work for nitrome when i get older. I can make great music with garage band. Everyone click on ads!!!

  2. Well, you did forget one thing:

    -Spread the word! Tell more people about and its awesomeness! =D.

  3. evan says:

    i must click on ads now…

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