Nitrome Miscellanea

Nitrome has been around since 2004, and between those Years, a lot of things not related to things on the Nitrome Website (Alright, some related) have happened. Here’s a list of them (Credit to “Pufflesrcute” from the Nitrome Wiki for some images) ——————————————————-

Jelly Beanstalk

Jelly Beanstalk is an unreleased Nitrome Cellphone Game. The player had to Swat insects unconscious, and push them into the Beanstalk’s Mouth to make it grow, and try to avoid getting caught in the rising tide. Different bugs made the Beanstalk grow in different directions, and Jellybeans could be collected for extra points. Read more on the Nitrome Wiki!

Four Play

Four Play is a Cellphone Game made by Nitrome. It was a Connect-4 type game only the player dropped alien saucers instead of Circles. Read More on the Nitrome Wiki


Spacescape is an unreleased Nitrome Game. It was a Strategy game. It included references to Pac Man, Doctor Who,Asteroids, Aliens, and some unintentional references to Metroid.


Something Made by Jon.


Nitrome has designed 8 Banners for their website. Here are 6:

Nitrome also made a seventh banner, which is just the Works banner with the word “Works” replaced with “Updates”. There 8th banner is a banner first seen on the May 31st 2011post. The banner is called “iTrome”, which shows an iPad character zooming away from hands. It is used on post about iPhone games and content. (first and second last sentence, credit to AshBob5000)

References to other stuff

For a more up-to-date version of this page, please see the Cultural Refferences page on the Nitrome Wiki

Nitrome has been around for a good 6 years. And between those 6 years Cameos from games they made, and references to other stuff (mostly unintentional) have been done. This section covers references to Nintendo, um… other stuff… Doctor Who… and other stuff.


Super Mario Bros.
  1. In Hot Air, the background is almost the same to the background of World 1 of the DS version of Super Mario Bros.
  2. The way the Blue Balloon moves in Hot Air 2 on the Level select screen, is very similar to the way Mario does on the level select screen.
  3. The White Squids from Twang are probably based of Bloopers from Super Mario.
  4. The Bullets from Hot Air were probably based off Bullet Bills.
  5. The Square Blocks from Hot Air 2 were probably inspired by Thwomps.
  • The intro for Enemy 585 is a remake of the last level in New! Super Mario Bros DS.
  • The Frog King represents Bowser, the Bearded Man represents Mario, the Princess represents Peach, the Enemy 585’s represent Koopa Troopa’s, and the Blocks with Spikes on them represent Super Thwomps.


  1. Although unintentional, the Arm Gun from the unreleased game Spacescape bears a striking resemblance to the Plasma Beam.
  2. Toxic is most likely based off Samus Aran. They both wear a suit, with a helmet and visor, and they have to destroy a similiar named final boss (Mother for Toxic, and Mother Brain for Samus), and they both take their helmets off after a success.
  3. Mother has a strong resemblance to Mother Brain. Mostly because there names are almost similar, and they serve as the last boss.


  1. Dr. Siamese is based of Mr. Saturn. (Credit to Mironar)

Star Wars

  1. The Giant Worm from Worm Food has a extremely strong resemblance to the Rishi Eel from the Star Wars the Clone Wars season 1 episode: Rookies.

Odd things in Nitrome games

Ever play nitrome games? Ever notice odd things in them that aren’t cameos? Well here is a list of them I found.

  1. That there is a Nitrome cameo in a non-nitrome game? In the Miniclip game “Obama’s alien defense”, on a billboard for the game “Sketchstar”, one of the sketches are of the 2 Green Cactuses on a hand car.
  2. In the background for Small Fry, the background is exactly the same as the space background in Cheese Dreams. This means that the small fry game probably takes in the trees seen at the bottom of the planet in the opening and ending of Cheese Dreams.
  3. In Enemy 585, Enemy 585 (Character) goes to frozen places, but how is this possible if he is on a tropical island?

Nitrome 2.0 Skin

  1. The Enemy 585 characters in Go-Karts are a reference to Mario Kart. (Credit to AshBob5000)

Mega Mash

  1. Carrot Story is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2 (Credit to Leon)
  2. Some enemies in Carrot Story are a reference to the Kirby series of games.(Credit to Leon)
  3. Nintrometris is a reference to Tetris (Credit to Leon)
  4. Smash is a reference to Breakout

12 Responses to Nitrome Miscellanea

  1. nitromefan1 says:

    There are 2 secret blog titles

  2. Tobie says:

    Spacescape is not an unreleased nitrome game, jon said that it wasn’t ^^

    (Where’s my credit for finding that image anyway x])

  3. boinksmusk1 says:

    ever seen that help box in final ninja that basically says “nitrome loves solid snake” ?

  4. Mironar says:

    On a Facebook post of a fan,Jay.D.Smith said that Dr.Siamese from Ribbit is based from Mr.Saturn from the Earthbound games (Nintendo)

  5. AshBob5000 says:

    Oh, and in the nitrome 2.0 skin with all the cars on the road there are several enemy 585 characters and they are a reference to mariokart

  6. Leon says:

    the Carrot game in Mega Mash is a reference to Mario and some enemies are a reference to kirby
    the Nitrometetris in Mega Mash is a total reference to Tetris
    the Smash game in Mega Mash is a reference to Pong

  7. Brolling says:

    There are also now….:

    PS: iTrome banner:

    Updates banner:

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