For a larger lists of glitches, and so you can add your own, please see the Glitches article on the Nitrome Wiki

In Nitrome Games, there are Glitches. Some good, some bad (Yes. There are Bad Glitches), and some non-harmful to the player. This is a list of all the glitches I encountered. Get ready to be Amazed!


  1. If the Player presses the Back Button on the Highscores a lot, they may go back far enough to see the 101st score, 121st score, or even farther! Click here to see an image of the 101st score on the Final Ninja Zero Highscores.

Hot Air

  1. On Level 14, when the player goes down the 3rd hallway of Fans (After the long drop), the left edge of the above spiked  Spiked Platform can be flown through.
  2. The Player may land on a on Spiked platform, instantly die, but the Hot Air Balloon may sometimes not pop even though the popping sound is heard.
  3. On level 18, the player can blow the Octopuses through the Wall.

Chick Flick

  1. On Level 3, Small Chicks may always fall through the Thumper Bumpers.


  1. On levels like Level 4, Sleepwalkers may get stuck in walls. Credit to ug5151
  2. It is possible for the player bury a sleepwalker in sand, killing it. Credit to ug5151
  3. Sometimes if the player pours sand on a sleepwalker, it will sometimes, rarely, not turn back, but keep moving foreword. Credit to ug5151
  4. Sometimes, if a sleepwalker falls from a very short distance, they will die. Credit to ug5151

Roly Poly

  1. On level 15, if the player becomes puffed up, they may be able to go through the Electricity all the way to the end of the level.

Feed Me

  1. Sometimes, if the player bites deep into a wall, floor, or ceiling, he will end up inside said area; the Venus Fly Trap might even fall off the screen.
  2. On the level Tomato Nursery, if the player eats all the bugs, then goes back to where he started, then bites the ceiling enough, the Venus Fly Trap’s head will get stuck in the floor, and if he bites the ceiling above him till he gets on the above platform, the player can get to to the exit of the level. Watch the Glitch.
  3. When the player completes the last level, the “continue” button will have disappeared, thus the player will not be able to see the end screen, and sometimes the “submit score” button would have disappeared.
  4. A frequent glitch is that the Venus Fly Trap will actually end up in a wall; he may even fall off the screen, forcing the player to restart the level.

Tanked Up

  1. On level 6: In the Dock , the player can drive through some walls.
  2. On level 5: Rumble in the Jungle, the player can drive through the Metal Building.


  1. On the last level of Scribble, the player only has to get 1 Blot to the end flag to complete the game.
  2. The easiest way to complete level 21 is to lead all the Blots to the closest Flag.

Frost Bite

  1. On Levels where the player can’t make a full jump, they can hold the “up arrow key” for rapid jumping.
  2. If a jump-vulnerable enemy comes near the player while the previous glitch is happening, it will die as if it were jumped on.


  1. Sometimes being next to an Enemy will damage the player.


  1. The Spider can swing through Platforms.

Hot Air 2

  1. On level 19: Cooking on Gas, if the player starts the level without moving the Character at all, Gas Balls will come and touch the Hot Air Balloon where it is, and the balloon won’t pop.
  2. If the player blows the Hot Air Balloon into spikes very fast 1 2, or 3 times, the Box the Balloon is holding will actually fall up, and the Music will get louder and louder and louder and louder!
  3. Sometimes if the Balloon goes down level to level with the Starting Pad, they may hear the little sound they hear when they land on a pad, and actually land in mid air as if they were on a platform.

Square Meal

  1. Sometimes if a Bomb block explodes while in the Green Troll’s (Player’s Character) mouth, they may till be alive, but be invisible.
  2. If the player presses the Left and Right Arrow Keys whilst next to a wall, they can go through the wall – Credit to Csilvernail


  1. If a wall is thin enough, the player can walk through it.
  2. Sometimes on level 14, the Cannon Robot cannot be destroyed.
  3. Sometimes if the ground a Wheel Robot rolls on is destroyed, it will descend down  as if a Platform was underneath it.


  1. On one level, the Yellow Nanobots will be going around in a square, bu cannot be killed by the Yellow Weapon.


  1. Sometimes the edge of the Electricity emitted by the Electro Dudes will not hurt the player.

Pest Control

  1. There used to be a glitch that the player could stop the clock, but it was fixed.


  1. If the player pulls a red line back, till a bit of Black Ball is touching the Water, Black Ball may fall through the Red Line when it is let go of.
  2. If Black Ball is pushed against a Blue Line by another line, Black Ball may fall through the line that pushing  it into the Blue Line, then if the line is let down, the line will go through Black Ball, and black ball will be on top of the line.

Thin Ice

  1. Sometimes if the player makes a hole in the Ice, the hole will stay there till the level ends.
  2. Sometimes if the player joins white lines together, a hole may sometime not form.
  3. This is a glitch in a lot of old games. The music the player hears while in the level will sometimes still be heard while on the menu.

Jack Frost

  1. If the player freezes an enemy, then stands on top of the blocks, then waits 3 Minutes, then press resume play. Then, when the Enemy is getting out of the Block, pause the game again, wait 1 minute, then press continue, the player will be where they were standing when the Ice Block was underneath them.


  1. If you go through the edge of the Spiral Diamond Shaped Blocks, you may sometimes get stuck in the end of it and not be able to swim away.
  2. On level 8, if the Sound FX is turned on, and the player touches a Sticky Block, they cannot hear the sound for touching a Sticky Block.

Dirk Valentine

  1. On level 16, if you scare the stand on a ledge after getting out of the pit, a Guard that is eating will see you and run. He will then run under the dark green block going up and it will crush him.


  1. If the player falls from someplace high and lands on the wrong coloured block with eyes and mouth, it will appear happy ad not shock you which it would always do.
  1. On level 8, if the Sound FX are on, if one particular Sticky Block is touched, the sound for touching it is nor heard. Credit to Joaquin

Small Fry

  1. There is a glitch that on the last level, the player can pull Brain Small Frys through the platform.
  2. If the player zooms in while in Internet Explorer, they can drag fry’s through walls. Credit to Simon


  1. If there is a Mine right on the player, when they start to move, it will start ticking. if the player jumps straight up in such a way that he will be hit by it as he is just about at the peak of his jump, he will be rocketed into space. This glitch has been partly fixed, as it now has a lower chance of happening, but still can.
  2. If the player is using Pieces of Eight and is killed by it, they can still use it till they run out.
  3. The player can make the bones of a Dead Pirate move by using the Voodoo Doll.

Final Ninja

  1. If the player comes to a key card at the end of the level, and throws a ninja star into the wall creating a rope, and pulls themselves into the key card, when they collect it, they will not jump up and disappear, but instead stay ho they are.
  2. Sometimes if the player falls down a long drop, and makes a rope a second before the start of the drop, the rope will still be going down with the player and be by their left arm.


  1. On on level, if the runs into a certain laser, they will be respawned in a wall.

Toxic II

  1. There is a glitch where if the player hits the Space Bar very rapidly over and over with Basic Bombs, there will be hundreds of bombs in the line of the player’s movement (if any).

Frost Bite 2

  1. If the player is killed on level 8, 9 or 10, they may accidentally be respawned, but without any health faces. Thus, the player can die billions of times and the Game Over End Screen will never come up. Watch Glitch


  1. If the player kills a viking, pauses, restarts the level, the “Game Over” Screen will pop up after the player restarts the level.
  2. Sometimes if the player cuts a large piece of ice, the entire thing will sink into the water.

Pixel Pop

  1. On level 11, one of the dogs may speak when there not supposed to and lose the player’s health.


  1. On some levels with turning glass, if the player hits one a lot, they may stay on it unable to come off and the glass will keep revolving, never stopping.
  2. If the play is knocked off glass, while falling they are invincible. Credit to Joaquin


  1. In on level, an expandable block can be pulled out of the socket.

Final Ninja Zero

  1. On level 18, the Lift the player comes out of can be entered again to complete the level when they have just gotten out of it.
  2. On some levels, Akuma’s guards may hit you at a ledge, and then keep hitting and staying at the ledge. The player can even go up to them and not get hurt.

Power Up

  1. On some levels a puff of white mist might keep appearing even when you restart the level.
  2. Sometimes the chest sound may keep going and never stopping.


  1. A Rabbit may drop between two Springs and hit the ground and go to sleep as if it were usual ground.

Double Edged

  1. Sometimes when the player fights bosses, the boss may stand in one place with a White pixel in front of there mouth. The player can attack the boss, but only a very small bit of health will drop.
  2. If the player is fighting Talos, they may take away all his health, and if sometimes if they keep hitting him, his health bar will to the left, and eventually off the screen.


  1. The player can walk through some walls.


  1. On level 19, sometimes if the player waits, they may get 1000 points instantly.
  2. On level 19, if the player is on another planet and wants to go back to the planet they started at, if they rocket at the pink goo, they will bounce off it as if it weren’t pink goo.
  3. On Old Computers, on level 19, the Computer will act slowly for every activity and sometimes not respond. Credit to Matzac12345

B.C. Bow Contest

  1. Sometimes, if the player fires an arrow at a Tar Spout, the arrow may bounce through it.


  1. Sometimes when the player goes over ice that is above ice crystals, they will fall through the ice.

Tiny Castle

  1. If the player has smashed a Green Crystal Ball, and pauses, then presses resume, the ball will smash all over again.
  2. If the player is going up to the first Fire Shooting Knight they encounter, when “Checkpoint!” appears, the Knight will continue firing, and one Fire Ball will hit the player.
  3. If the player presses up while in the second pool of water, they will float up all the way out of the water.


  1. If the player drilled in a straight line  through whatever their drilling through, and can stand on the edges, they can sometimes walk a bit inside the planet.


  1. Sometimes if the player dies, the next level will start. Credit to Bamseper

Fault Line

  1. On Level 30, if the player brings the black floor close to them where they start, and tries to go up it, they will fall through , die, and 3 of the things they pulled will be reverted.


  1. Sometimes, if the player is sideways, and they are bouncing, they may be unable to move the character, but keep bouncing. This glitch happens more frequently then others.

Worm Food

  1. Sometimes, if the player is in the Air, and hits impassable Rocks, they will just stay there in that position, shaking a lot, and unable to move.
  2. A similar glitch to the one above is that if they hit impassable rocks underground, they will shake repetitively and even start moving into the rock, but the player, however, will not be able to regain control of the worm.
  3. If a part of the worm’s body is touching a tree, and part of it is still in the ground, the player will not be able to destroy the tree.

Enemy 585

  1. Barrels (brown heads that come out of the rock) will become invisible on some levels, and can still kill Enemy 585.
  2. If Enemy 585 dies, and the player moves somewhere very fast, wen the level starts, they will be in the place they moved before the level reset.
  3. If the player moves a few spaces after Enemy 585 dies, and before the level resets, they will become stuck to the wall when the level restarts.
  4. If the player hold the Spacebar before the level restarts, and takes their hand of it when it does restarts, Turner (the blocks) will be still be moving even though the player isn’t holding the spacebar.
  5. If the player holds down “F” right before the level restarts an lets go before the level restarts, fast motion will be activated until the player hits “F” again. Credit to Fmimedia

Super Treadmill

If the player is hurt by a Cactus and jumps, and lands on the Cactus again, and while injured jumps, they can jump incredibly high.  Credit to (ry5t@l

Encountered any Glitches not listed here? Tell them to me in the comments!


28 Responses to Glitches

  1. bamseper says:

    sometimes if you die in bullethead the next level will start

  2. Thanks again Bamseper!

  3. Csilvernail says:

    if you keep pressing left and right on square meal you can go through walls

  4. Matzac12345 says:

    When on level 19 of rockitty on any old computer, the computer will act slowly for every activity and sometimes not respond.

  5. Matzac12345 says:

    The Graveyard Shift glitch is not a glitch. its normal.

  6. ug5151 says:

    You forgot sandman. In levels like level 4, your sandman can get stuck through walls.

  7. Thanks again ug5151!

  8. ug5151 says:

    In worm food, if you are below a tree and touching it, you won’t get it.

  9. ug5151 says:

    I got 2 more glitches about sandman. 1. You can burry the sleepwalkers(any level). 2. (any level) sometimes, if you put sand on sleepwalkers, it makes them turn back, but sometimes they might keep going forward.

  10. ug5151 says:

    Oh lol! I found another glitch on sandman! Sometimes if you fall from a really short distance, you die.

  11. Simon says:

    If you zoom in with internet explorer, you can drag people through walls in small fry.

  12. In Chick Flick, if the player bounces the chick at the edge of the screen, the chick sometimes just stays stuck at the top of the screen and never falls down.

    In Small Fry, when a player tries to complete the game, nothing happens. (Is this a glitch, or is there just no ending to this game?)

  13. fmimedia says:

    Also in Enemy 585, if you hold down “F” right before the level restarts and let go before the level restarts, fast motion will be activated until you hit “F” again.

  14. Mironar says:

    In Super Treadmill,if you press x,all of the objects will turn in green blocks (the cactuses in red blocks).

    • NOBODY says:

      Hi Mironar! I discovered that yesterday. That isn’t actually a glitch. Its an Easter Egg, something hidden in the game. I’ll add it in the Nitrome Misc. section when I get time.

  15. awesome game developer says:

    For the glitch involving the player in skywire being damaged while near the enemy this could be a hitbox problem. A hit box could be larger than the player making the player appear smaller than it is. The image size usually does not define the interactive size of the player. I could also of course, be incorrect but this is what probably caused that problem. P.S. nitrome has the best games 🙂

    • NOBODY says:

      Hitbox’s eh? Well, I actually got this Glitch from the Nitrome Wiki; someone else posted the glitch and I just posted it here. But maybe it could be a Hit Box.

  16. Doom says:

    In Power Up, the game sometimes doesn’t allow crates to move up if another crate has been on top of it previously. The invisible air will act like an occasional barrier, preventing crates from moving.

    Sometimes when the crates are perfectly connected, the powered robot will begin its circuit, yet the other robot will not power up.

  17. Ah, how is the Dirk Valentine thing a “glitch”?

  18. AshBob5000 says:

    On Dangle there was a glitch(but they fixed it)that the signs didn’t have any words on them.And when you got to the bottom of the level you went right through the ground and could keep going down forever! They mentioned that they fixed Dangle on their blog but they didn’t say what the glitch was and that was what the glitch was!

    • Random-storykeeper says:

      Oh yeah, was wondering what that glitch was. I wonder if they’ll look in to fixing other games, such as Power Up.

  19. 966623 says:

    If you rapidly tap left and right while going through a portal in the test subject games, sometimes you will go through the portal like the way you would walk through a wall.
    I’m not sure but maybe sometimes it will happen at random too.
    It’s helpful sometimes. And sometimes not.

  20. (ry5t@l says:

    in super treadmill, if you land on a cactus, get injured, fall back on the cactus, and get injured again, while you are in the air

  21. Joaquin says:

    Also There An Glitch When Am Hited By Something And Fall Form The Glass Kalopski Will Be Invincible

  22. Joaquin says:

    Theres Other Gllitch For Knuckle Heads On Level 8 If You Touch The Sticky Block And The Sond FX Is On The FX When You Touch The The Sticky Block You Can NOT Hear The FXWhen You Touch The Stick Block

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