Game Endings

For a full list of Endings, please see the Endings page on the Nitrome Wiki. Alternitively, you can look up the game’s page on the Nitrome Wiki, and it will display its ending.

Nitrome Games have Endings,  but you have to finish the game to  see it. Never Fear! This page contains a list of Nitrome Game Endings, in order of the release of the Games. Get ready to view away!



Roly Poly

Tanked Up

Feed Me!

The words seen in the box (not pictured) read: “You have completed all of the levels and escaped the greenhouse!”


Frost Bite


A screen saying “Congratulations! You completed the Game!” is present, with confetti falling from the top of the screen.

Space Hopper

Hot Air 2: All Blown Up

Square Meal


Yin Yang

I don’t have an image, but the ending screen reads: “Congratulations! The completed the game!”. Confetti is also falling from the top of the screen.


Off the Rails

The word “Congratulations” is at the top of the screen, and below is a list of the number of enemies (and cacti) that died during the game. Their souls can be seen flying up to Heaven on feathery wings.


The bottom screen reads:
“Well done at using your head! But Norman is now heading somewhere else. What a headache! Will Norman ever find his way home?” At the top of the screen there’s an image of Norman in a dark area with several pieces of metal with holes in them and several green eyes watching him.


Thin Ice

Snow Drift

Jack Frost


Dirk Valentine


Behind a black grid with some colours running through the lines, large orange block letters read “Well Done!” Below, in red text, the words read, “Thanks for playing” and display the player’s score below.

Cheese Dreams


Skywire 2

Small Fry


The dialogue in the ending goes like this:

Captain: Aarrgh, ahoy mateys! That be too easy! Them bunch of lilly livred land lubbers never stood a chance. We be both filthy and rich now! Nothing be standing in our way Yo ho ho…

Pirate 1: Aye… that be true. Unless we be bumping into the Kraken that is?

Captain: Kraken…What Kraken?

Pirate 2: Yarrrgh…I think he be on about the sequel captin!

Captain: …Sequel…What Sequel?

The word “Congratulations” is displayed, along with the player’s score.

Final Ninja


Mallet Mania

A screen reads:

In the Dog House

Bones fall from the top of the screen, with text reading, “Congratulations!” and below it, “Thank you for making it all the way!” The player’s final score is also displayed below.


The Skeleton does the victory dance he does when he completes a level on a box that reads:


Coming Soon!
Flash Cat


Nitrome Must Die




12 Responses to Game Endings

  1. bamseper says:

    there isnt 50!

  2. bamseper says:

    you say that you have beated 50 nitrome games

    • I have. Here they all are (via my Nitrome Wiki Userpage): Sandman, Chick Flick, Roly Poly, Feed Me!, Tanked Up,Scribble, Frost Bite, Skywire, Space Hopper, Square Meal, Hot Air! 2: All Blown Up, Toxic, Nanobots Twang, Thin Ice, Snow Drift, Jack Frost, Dirk Valentine, Cheese Dreams, Knuckleheads , Skywire 2, Small Fry, Mutiny, Final Ninja, Onekey, Numbskull, Flipside, Toxic II, Frost Bite 2, Icebreaker, Twin Shot, Rustyard, Final Ninja Zero, Droplets, Double Edged, Castle Corp, Parasite, Twin Shot 2 – Good and Evil, Rockitty, Cave Chaos, Graveyard Shift, Cold Storage, Avalanche, Rubble Trouble, Skywire V.I.P., Blast RPG, Tiny Castle, Aquanaut, Chisel, Bullethead.

      There they all are.

  3. bamseper says:

    ok but why is there staying KNUCKLEHEADS over the comments?

  4. I’m still working on the other end screens.

  5. bamseper says:


  6. ug5151 says:

    Heres the knuckleheads ending: [url]=[/url]

  7. NTPYTO says:

    Do you only post endings for games that you have completed yourself?

  8. Joaquin says:

    Hey The Skywire 1 And Skywire 2 Image Endings Are The Same Thats The Skywire 2 Ending And… ¿They Dont Completed The Game Skywire Yet?

    • NOBODY says:

      Woops. Sees I put up the wrong ending. Thanks for pointing that out Joaquin, and I yes, I have completed Skywire 1 & 2.

      Update: I can’t seem to find the Skywire 1 ending amongst my mass of files on my Computer.

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