Update Log

I added this because some of you would probably want to see when things are updated. Well now you can! I will post here things I have updated stuff on sub pages (Trivia, Cameos, etc.). Newer stuff at the top.
February 3rd 2011 – Video Walkthroughs & Game Endings – Flash Cat, Steamlands, and Rainbogeddon ending posted!

January 15th 2012 – Video Walkthroughs – Flash Cat Ending added!

December 23rd 2011: – Glitches – Super Treadmill Glitch added

December 2nd: – Endings – The epic Nitrome Must Die ending posted, in video form

October 4th: – Cameos – Mega Mash cameo added!

October 2nd: – Nitrome Miscellanea – 4 new topics added!

September 20th: – Cameos – Canopy cameo added!

August  26th: – Endings – Updated with several new endings!

August 3rd: – Walkthroughs – updated with Nebula walkthroughs 1-24

August 3rd: Nitrome Miscellanea page updated with two new banners!

June 10th – Cameos – Second Steamlands cameo added

April 17th: – Cameos – Steamlands cameo added

March 12th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – 1 new thing added.

February 20th: – About the Author – New question added.

February 18th 2012: – About the Author – New question added.

November 21st: – Glitches – 5th Enemy 585 glitch added.

November 12th: – Video Walkthroughs – Enemy 585 ending added

November 9th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – What Enemy 585 and Super Mario Bros have in common. Also a third thing added to the “Odd things in Nitrome games” section.

November 9th: – Glitches – 4 Enemy 585 glitches you can try!

October 30th: – Small Fry glitch, and link to the Frost Bite 2 glitch video added!

October 30th: – Video Walkthroughs – Frost Bite 2 Invincible Glitch & Worm Food video added.

October 30th 2010: – Cameos – Cheese Dreams and BC Bow Contest cameos added.

October 30th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – New stuff added

October 1st: – Walthroughs – Toxic 2 levels 6.0 to – 11.0 added (not including Secret Levels)

October 1st: – About the Author – New question added.

August 19th: – Walkthroughs – Skywire 2 levels 17 to 30 added, as well as Toxic 2 levels 1.0 to 5.0.

August 13th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – Another Mario Bros. glitch added.

August 12th: – Glitches – ug5151 again provides us with another Sandman glitch.

August 11th: – Walkthroughs – Snow Drift (levels 1-5), and Cheese Dreams (levels 1-12) added.

August 11th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – Nintedo Metroid references added.

August 10th: – Nitrome Miscellanea – Nitrome references to Nintendo added.

August 8th: Walkthrough for all levels in Feed Me added.

August 1st: – About the Author – 1 new question added.

August 1st: – Glitches – Sandman glitch added.

August 1st: – Cameos – Second Ribbit glitch added.

July 26th: – Walkthroughs – Page Added

July 24th: – Glitches – Avalanche glitch added.

July 24th: – Glitches – 2 Worm Food glitches added.

July 24th: – Cameos – Worm Food cameo added.

July 18th: – Glitches – Third Rockitty glitch added.

July 16th: – Glitches -Second Square Meal Glitch added.

July 15th: – Glitches – Ribbit glitch added.

July 15th: – Cameos – Ribbit cameo added.

July 6th: Update Log added.


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