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Nitrome games are hard? Right? And sometimes, they are sooooooooooo hard, that you wanna hope somebody did a walkthrough. Never Fear! I… well you already know my name… have made walkthroughs. Some of them don’t belong to me, some do. Read on for your game problems answered.

(NOTE: I will be using my Nitrome Encyclopedia username when defining authors)


Levels: 1-6

Author: Nobody (Me!)

01: Stairway to Heaven

The player has to pour sand till the sand reaches the edge of the platforms so the Sleepwalkers can get to the portal.

02: Road Block

The player has to pour sand at the edges of two platforms so the sleepwalkers can walk up, then, get the ‘walkers out of the cave, the cover the entrance to the cave, then pour sand so the ‘walkers can get to the above platform.

03: Tap Dance

The player should first pour sand at the edge of the platform to get the sleepwalkers out of pit. Then pour sand above the glass in a certain area to get the ‘walkers out. Now, when they get into the third pit, pour sand close to the right side of the glass till the Sleepwalkers can get out of the pit and into the portal.

04: Pit Stop

Pour some sand in the first small pit the ‘walkers are going to walk in so when they fall, they don’t die. Next fill up the pit close to Hot Air Balloon all the way to the top. Now pour some sand in the second pit so the ‘walkers can get out.

05: Walking in the Air

First, pour sand on the six invisible blocks closest to the ‘walkers. Now pour sand on only 2 of the other 6 six invisible blocks connected to the same platform as the other invisible blocks with sand on them are. Now, pour sand on the three Blocks underneath the other 2 Invisible Blocks that have sand on them. Now underneath the other 3 invisible blocks are five invisible blocks, pour sand on all of those. Now there are five invisible blocks in a horizontal way closest to the portal, and these blocks have no sand on them, pour sand on all 5 blocks. Now pour sand in the area the Sleepwalkers are in to let them out of the small pit, and let them walk to the Portal.

06: Two of a Kind

In this level, the left side of the level is the same as the right. First, pour some sand on the Invisible Blocks so the ‘walkers don’t fall to there deaths, but leave a gap somewhere so the ‘walkers can get to the platform that looks like a Sideways “L”. Second, let the ‘walkers walk on to the small platform, then, cover up all the invisible blocks with sand, then, pour some sand where the ‘walkers are going to fall so they don’t die. Third, pour some sand on the invisible blocks, and where the ‘walkers are going to fall, drop some sand so they don’t die. Repeat this for both sides to get all the ‘walkers to the end.

Feed Me!

Author: Bulbear4444

Levels: All

1 – Entrance Hall

Eat the fly, then follow the targets on the floor, and then eat the two flies, and collect the first Watering Can. Climb on the ceiling until it ends, then go up the wall. Now go back on the Ceiling, but move a little left of the first target on the second ceiling to find Watering Can two. Now, after getting back on ground, eat all of the flies. Finally climb the ceiling after getting the Watering Can to continue to the next level.

2 – Plum Run

In the start, the Venus Fly Trap should eat the two flies and the Watering Can. Move on the ceiling for a while, then stop over the fly, but stay on the ceiling. Now, when the platform comes, drop onto it. Eat the fly, and use the increased Neck Length to reach a Watering Can. Now, on the lower level, bees are introduced and should be eaten, along with a fly. Grab on to the bottom of the platform, and move to the end. Before this, on either side, the Venus Fly Trap may stretch out over the thorns to get the last 500-point watering can in this level.

3 – Dragonfly Alley

This level has two rows; the bottom row has mud and dragonflies, and the top has melons. The watering cans are in indents in the ceiling.

4 – Orange Orchard

Get the first Watering Can and go into the hole for the second. Eat all the bugs and then continue right. Get across the spikes by grabbing all of the small platforms and then dropping down. Try to land on the platform by grabbing the wall, then eat the last Watering Can. Grab across the lower parts of the platforms to get to the door.

5 – Pineapple Factory

In the first part of the level, conveyor belts are introduced. After eating the snail, the player can go through a false wall to get a Watering Can. Proceed up and then eat the snail, followed by some climbing and fly eating. The Player must then eat the Watering Can, although if he doesn’t want to fall, he can miss it, as all watering cans are optional. Climb the ceiling and eat the bee, and get the watering can if it is found to be safe. Proceed on the ceiling and climb onto the conveyor belt. After a little resisting, climb the wall and get to the door.

6 – Beetroot Juice

The Player will start on mud near a tomato plant and a bug. He must pass the tomato plant and eat the bug, and climb the wall if he wants a Watering Can. The player will then fall and must eat the bug, and the newly introduced spiders (when calm) to proceed. The player can collect the Watering Can by the same means as above, or skip it. On the lowest part of the level, the player must grab the ceiling to pass above the thorns, and then drop down, slide on the mud, and proceed on the next non-thorny ceiling passing the thorns, the player can eat 5 bugs and a Watering Can, then climb up a floor the player must grab the ceiling and cross the spikes, then ascend to the next floor, go back on the ground, and eat the caterpillar. For the last part, the player must climb as high as he can go, and stop as the spider comes, then keep climbing. Then he must just drop, avoid the thorns, and finally exit through the door.

7 – The Pit

At the bottom, the player can eat the flies and Watering Can. As the walls cannot be climbed, the player must use the vines to get to the top. The player must shift vines as they get close, but he can risk of falling to get the other 2 Watering Cans, as well as three more flies. at the last vine, the player must cling to the little notch near the exit’s ceiling, then move off when ready.

8 – Tulip Dome

At the start there is a Watering Can and a spider. Eat both, then cross the spikes on the ceiling, drop down, eat the bug, and fall. Now the player should cross over on the bottom of the platform, climb onto the ceiling, get the Watering Can if wanted, and drop onto the platform. The player must then climb the wall/ceiling and get the last Watering Can, followed by getting to the top and, finally, leaving.

9 – Melon Kong

In this level, the player must dodge melons in four rows, by clinging to the ceiling’s deeper parts as they come. The corners are hard, but if the player is fast, he can drop down, get a Watering Can, and come back up. All 3 Watering Cans are obtained this way.

10 – Flower Power

To start, drop down on both platforms, then, cling to the wall and then the bottom of the second platform to ensure a safe landing. The player can then either go up a perilous climb for a Watering Can, or skip it and fall. Drop on the ground to meet a new bug, the woodlouse. cling to the ceilings as it rolls, or it will hurt the Plant. Proceed right, until a wall appears. Climb it, making sure to change sides so the Plant is always on or above solid ground. At the top, the player can either go up for a Watering Can or hurry to the end by going on the bottom. After a large drop, the player can choose whether or not to get that last Watering Can. This one is really dangerous too, so if the Plant is low on health, don’t try this. Drop down between the thorns and then eat the butterfly, followed by clinging to the bottom of the platform then to the ceiling. Then, finish on the ceiling or floor to the exit.

11 – Tomato Nursery

The fastest and safest way is to use a Glitch to get right to the end by eating all the bugs, going back to the start, and constantly grabbing the ceiling and upper wall until the Plant is at the end. But if the player wants to get the Watering Cans, he must cross the thorn patches on the ceiling while dodging tomatoes, and then get to the second floor. The Watering Cans are simply encountered on the path to the end.

12 – Transport Room

Eat the fly and the Watering Can, then cross above the spikes on the ceiling, fall, and then eat the second Watering Can. Proceed over the backwards conveyor belt on the ceiling, then take a shortcut and drop down, endure about three hearts of damage, and then drop onto the conveyor belt, eat the Watering Can, and leave.

13 – Cactus Climb

Climb on the bottom of the first reach-able platform, then grab the other two and drop on the one with a caterpillar. Eat the caterpillar, then climb to the top of the wall and either drop down and eat the Watering Can in mid-air, or just cling to the moving platform at top and skip it. Drop onto the stairs and go down for a Watering Can or skip it and go for the vine at the top. Grab the vine and ride it to the top, Then grab the Watering Can, and drop onto the platform and ride it. Finally, grab the ledge, go into the little nook, and then go through the door.

14 – Thorney Pavilion

Start by dropping down and eating as many bugs as possible and the Watering Can. grab the right wall and climb up, and grab the ceiling, and then drop down, grab the platform from the bottom. Then ascend the steps to a wall, and climb it all the way up for Watering Can #2. Continue on the bottom of platforms and make it to the door, with the option of getting the last Watering Can.

15 – Rose Enclosure

Eat the butterfly and then drop onto the platform, and grab the optional Watering Can. When the platform reaches the part where a Watering Can is in sight, then risk 2-3 hearts of damage and drop through the thorns, get the last Watering Can,(Skip the second) and wait on the left side for a left-moving platform, and, finally, go through the door to the end of the last level.

Snow Drift

Author: Nobody (Me again)

Levels: 1-5


This Level introduces how to walk,t hat you can only slide on ice, and how to jump, and that little penguins don’t hurt you


The level starts with you walking on some snow then, jumping on some moving platforms, then jumping on some snow, knocking out some little penguins, then you jump and slide down some ice knocking out emperor and little penguins, then jumping on melting platforms then onto a moving platform then onto some snow and and onto a moving platform then then onto your igloo.


First the player slides down a slope then into some emperor penguins and across some melting platforms, then onto some wobbly ones, then onto a ice platform then jump up try not to get hit by the emperor’s, then slide across some melting platforms, then you slide up a slope and you come up to some rotating blocks so jump on them, then jump off the block and jump up some melting platforms and jump up till you come to a slope and slide down into home.


The player starts off the level with jumping on some wobbly platforms then jumps on a rock then jumps up avoiding being hit by the missiles of the fox then the player jumps up, avoiding  the missiles then jumps onto the ice then jumps onto an ice slope where the player slides down and avoids being hit by spikes but then jump to avoid the moving spikes and walk into home.


The player starts off by sliding down a slope then jumping to avoid falling off the ice then sliding, then jumping, then the player comes to a slope then slides down then jumps on some wobbly platforms then jumps on a ice platform then jumps on a snowy moving platform then jumps on a big ice block then jumps on a snowy moving platform then onto another platform, then onto some snow then onto another ice block then onto some snow then runs then avoids getting hit by spikes then comes to a fox on the ice then comes to some spikes then comes to a throwing fox then go down a slope then you come to some snow then some ice then then slide up and jump on to some wobbly platforms then walk into home.

Cheese Dreams

Author: Nitrome Boy (Levels 1-10) Seritinajii (Levels 11-12)

Levels: 1-12

(NOTE: All the words after “The next Cannon” on walkthough 10 were all done by Seritinaji because Nitrome Boy had not finished the walkthrough)


At the start of the level, there are two paths. The one going up leads towards the goal, and the other leads to stars. Over the slopes, and after leaping off the spring, there is a slow mouse. Jumping over the mouse and onto the spring will bring the Moon to the next part. Then hop over the spikes to the finish point.


At the start of the level, there are two ledges. One leads towards the goal, the other leads to stars. Over the slopes past the right ledge, there are two fans and a spring. Getting to the ledge is a matter of gaining speed. Past this is a wall of fans and a spring. To get onto the ledge the player must carefully control the Moon to use not too much speed and not too little. Down the path is a small pit of spikes. Past that is a fan and a slow mouse. This is another matter of gaining speed. Up the path from there is a ball. The player must roll the ball into place then get over a fan to the finish point.


At the start of the level there is a small spike pit. Down the path the player must go through the pipe to avoid some fast mice. Down the path and over a pit there are some disappearing spikes. Past these there is a pipe which must be used to climb an otherwise unscalable ledge. The player then must use another pipe’s elevation to get over some mice of various types, do the same with some spikes, then deal with some disappearing spikes. Then the player must jump into a pipe that leads to stars, return with elevation, and enter another pipe leading to the finish point.


At the start of the level there are several platform wheels. The player must climb them and slide through the pipe to another area. Here, the crank wheel is introduced. The wheel is empty, so it’s easy to turn. Past the door there are several platform wheels to cross over and down the hall there is a crank wheel containing a mouse with a mouse patrolling the floor. Behind the door is the finish point.


The level starts with several giant steps with springs. As a joke, in this level the moon ponders why his thoughts keep appearing on the signs. Down the path, there is a moving platform. In this area, the player must hit the key pad to the lower-left, then go back and bounce up the platforms. Then continue by jumping onto the rocket cage which will lead you to the finish point.


The level starts with the introduction of anti-gravity switches. The player must hit the switch, flip gravity, and enter a pit full of stars. The player can then just continue on, or get the stars around the pit, bouncing around and using the cannons. Down the path and over the slopes, there are some spikes. These spikes vary in the disappearing/reappearing kind and the normal kind. Down the path there is a slow mouse, a pipe crossing under a pit with melted cheese on the ceiling and another pipe. Then, there is an area with one hump of spikes on the ceiling, and one on the floor. The player must go through the area, flip gravity, and go back, where the player can now access a short pipe on the ceiling. Down the path, the player must pass a slow mouse, flip gravity, and continue on. Here, there is a moving platform, which must be crossed, and, down the path, a ball. The ball must be moved into place to a ledge on the left side, where the finish point is.


Level seven starts out with a few hills with stars above. Next is a sign explaining the switch before the player, which will unlock the gate, which will stay unlocked. Next is a room with a rubber ball in it and a sign stating that not all switches are alike, and that some require constant pressure. This requires the player to move the ball onto the switch, opening the gate. After that, the next section has one switch and two gates, and the gate that the switch unlocks is above the switch. There is a cannon to help the player get to the gate, and a ball is near the top on a platform, which can be pushed onto the switch. In the next room the switch to the other gate is there, and the player must roll the ball across a pit of spikes. Finally, after the spikes, the finish switch is on a ledge.


There are a lot of pipes in this level. The player must use the first pipe he sees to boost him to a platform. After a little climbing the player must enter another pipe. Then he must use the pipe as a boost to reverse the gravity. The player must then enter another, upside-down pipe and turn the gravity back to normal. Before the player goes into the pipe, he must climb the platforms to move the mouse off the pipe. Then the player must use the pipe as a boost to the finish switch.


In this level, the player must manipulate several turning platform wheels to get to the top of the level. After a few wheels, there are also crank wheels that have mice in them running in the opposite direction. Also, the gates which the crank wheels unlock can only be reached by cannons, making it harder to get past them. Once the moon stops moving the wheels to open the gates, the mice will run in the other direction to close them. At the top is the finish point.


In level ten, the player uses cannons to get past several obstacles. First they must rebound off a wall. Next the cannon must rebound off another wall, but with the danger of retreating spikes on the landing spot. The next cannon requires the player to fire the moon over a tall tower with spikes on top. The next cannon is the same. The next cannon shoots up toward another, which shoots up with the danger of push pins being thrown from a crevice in the wall. The next cannon is the same but requires rebounding off of a wall up to another cannon. This cannon can be shot up and over another spiked hill, and to another cannon. The cannon shoots through a narrow passage through which a mouse walks back and forth. The next cannon is used to shoot the moon up and bounce by several slopes. The next cannon is used to shoot the moon to a slope on a hill, where the rest of the top of the hill is spikes, and to another cannon which does the same thing. The next cannon is a black cannon, which spins around much faster, which the player must use to shoot up to another hill, where a cannon should be shot to avoid a moving mouse ship and go to the exit room.


Level 11 starts with a group of stars and a cannon, which the player shoots up to another hill with many stars lining its surface. A platform divides the space into two paths; the bottom path leads to a gravity-reversal switch. Now, the higher path is easily reached, and there are many stars there. Eventually, a spring brings the player down; advancing to the right now will kill the player due to molten cheese being placed at the ceiling. On the left of the bottom are two gravity switches that should be pressed in total, three times to get the player where the moon needs to be – back on surface with regular gravity. Next, the player must use a mouse in a training sphere to get across a field of spikes. A pipe then leads the player upwards, to another room. In the room to the left is a gravity switch, which shifts gravity so that the player can reach a door switch in the next room. A spring on the ceiling leads the player to the gravity switch, and the player bounces left to the exit switch.


In level 12, the player controls a weight-sensitive moving platform. It moves to the right or left depending on which side the moon jumps on, and continues moving up until the player falls off. The whole level is a moderately narrow vertical passage. First is just the passage without any dangers, and next is one wall of retreating spikes, joined by another wall on the other side. After the spikes, fans appear – first on the left side, then the right; these do not affect the platform but do affect the moon.. After the fans, the path splits in two, but they are both the same. Next, push pins are thrown from a crevice, and the path splits again, but the two paths are still the same. More push pins are thrown from a crevice, and then the exit switch is on the left.

Skywire 2

Author: Seritinaji

Levels: 1-30 (all)


The skywire travels in three large loops to the station. Geese heads rotate around the centres of the loops, pink and red. One loop has two geese, the next has one, and the third has four. At the end is a straight line to the station, which is also patrolled by two rotating geese.


Here, the skywire goes in straight lines, horizontally and diagonally. Camels are placed along the track, whose humps bounce up and down. Some have two humps, and others have three. Also, perched on the track are parrots which only fly out of the way for about a second if the cable car comes close.


In level 3, the skywire uses winding turns to get to the end. Gradually its curves lead down to the station. Birds are above the skywire at certain points, which drop bombs. Rhinoceroses are standing on patches of grass. When the cable car comes near them, rhinoceroses charge at the player. The danger in this level is that two of the birds drop bombs which will hit the cable car if the player just speeds.


In this level, the skywire goes up and down diagonally with very long parts. Pandas with parachutes descend from the sky. After three and a half down-and-up sequences, the cable car reaches the station.


This level’s skywire curves in different directions to the end. Along the way, the player must dodge kangaroos whose joeys jump out of their pouches. They rarely hit, but sometimes on a downward slope the joeys happen to hit the cable car.


In level 6, the skywire goes mostly in straight lines, slowly downward near the sea and back to the middle, to meet the station. On the skywire, dangers are cobras. Cobras come out of the pots when the cable car comes close, and if the player tries to just accelerate through the car will be hit by the cobras. At the bottom is an octopus that jumps out of the water. There is a shortcut in this level – at one point, there is a line where part of the track falls off after a while of staying on it. If the player lets the cable car stay there, when the track falls the skywire will land on a piece of track closer to the station.


Level 7’s skywire track turns left and right to reach the station, at the top-right. Along the way are gophers that go in and out of reach of the cable car. Parrots are also on the track, and bomb-dropping birds are also here. Here, parts of the track do not connect, so the player has to accelerate enough to get to the next part.


Here in level 8, the skywire loops in five circles or parts of circles. In the circles are peacocks whose tails spin around until a certain time, when they fan out their tails that extend to half of the circle. Also near the track are bombing birds.


In the ninth level, first the track winds up and down, which makes the player lose control of their speed. Unfortunately, parrots stand at the top of the curves, so the player must control his or her speed. Next, the trail goes up and down with bigger curves, and now there are giraffes whose heads and necks pop out of boxes. Finally, the player must go underwater and go through circular chains of snakes, which have two openings. After going underwater, coming up for air, and coming down again, finally the cable car comes up and reaches the station.

Skull (10)

Level number ten is shown as a skull on the level menu, because it contains a boss. The track winds around a large turtle, and goes underwater. The track is designed so that part of the time it is safe, but other times it is unsafe. After going around the turtle, the track finishes at the station, which is right above the beginning point.


Level 11 is a level of many different features. First is a loop with a jumping frog in the middle, and the loop’s track ends midair at the end so the skywire car jumps to the next piece of track. Immediately after the jump is a pop-out giraffe, and loop with a two rotating geese heads in the centre. Next is a slope with two pop-out giraffes and after that is a jump to another track, which is easy to reach. Finally the track winds over another jumping frog and reaches the station.


The skywire travels around islands with crabs on them, which move to the sides of the islands and snap their pincers. There are in total six crabs. In this level, the track goes up and down in small amounts that cause the skywire car to accelerate. Therefore, holding down the accelerate button without regard to the crabs will cause a quick death.


Level 13, a difficult level, features a track that goes in two circles and then the station. First is a row of three pop-out giraffes. Next are two rotating goose heads. At the bottom is a jumping frog. Throughout the level is a flying elephant that follows the player.


The skywire here progresses so that it touches several rotating geese heads. In total, there are geese head axes.


Here, the skywire first breaks off near the station, needing the player to jump. Above is a rotating goose head and then another jump with two rotating geese heads. Next the track becomes fragile so they fall off under the pull of a skywire car for more than a second. It loops around a goose head. The track stays fragile until it becomes stable, over two gophers. Finally, the track becomes fragile again. It loops over a kangaroo and joey and leads to the station.


First, the skywire loops over two jumping frogs. Then it goes underwater, over an orca, another frog, and a swimming piranha. Back over the water, the track goes over the two frogs again twice. It goes back into the water, again over the previous frog and orca to the left. It goes out of the water to a space in the track that leads to another part of the track, which is over the two frogs. The track curves around another jumping frog and goes underwater again. It goes through the swimming range of two piranhas underwater. At the end, the track goes over an orca and to the station.

Level 17’s skywire goes in many, many loops, of which all of the track is fragile until the end. At the end of the track, the track becomes sturdy and straight with a jump. It goes over an orca. Among the track are many, many bomb-dropping birds, and at one point, gophers. In this level, many shortcuts can be taken to quickly get to the end of the track, which is below the rest of the track.

This level has several rotating snake chains and hippopotamus heads. It is rather short. All of the rotating snake chains are the same, with two openings, but there are both big and small hippopotamus heads.
First, the skywire is straight and there is a gorilla hanging on the track. Below the track is a parrot, which comes up if approached slowly. The gorilla moves its arms off the track one by one, with a large range. There is another gorilla, with a robotic arm and face. The skywire goes into the field of a rotating geese head and then loops around a small island, with the parrot from the beginning on top of the loop. The skywire then goes back into the field of the same rotating goose head. Finally, there is another gorilla on the track, two rotating geese heads, and the skywire reaches the station.
Skull (20)
In this level there is a boss. It is a large vulture that follows the skywire car as it progresses in the level, starting at the top. First there is a nest and a row of eggs, in which only two have baby vultures that pop out. Next the track goes down and into the hit field of two small flying vultures which go back and forth and a baby vulture that pops out of a half-open egg shell. Next is another baby vulture popping out of a shell and another small flying vulture. There is another nest of eggs, where 3 vultures pop out. There is another flying vulture and two egg vultures. On an island next to the track there is a walking small vulture with an egg on its head. There are two more egg vultures and two more flying vultures. At last, the track goes down and over a nest of eggs, where 2 more vultures pop out. After the nest, the skywire reaches the station.
In the final ten levels, the background and scenery change to a dark purple and black place with streetlights on some islands, with volcanoes and clouds in the background.
Quickly after the level starts, the first part of the skywire track is fragile and goes over a camel with three humps. The skywire progresses down to the left, through a chain of bees, and around a rotating geese head. The track goes back to the bees, which go in a line positioned just below the track, so that they will hit the skywire. There are spaces between them, but they go slowly. The slow speed of the bees creates problems as there is a camel with two humps under the track. The track becomes fragile, so the car falls to the next part of the track, which goes over the camel. Finally, the track goes up through the bees to the right, and loops upwards. At the top of the loop there is a swinging chain of monkeys. At the end of the loop there is a gopher and then the skywire goes to the station.
A short but hard level, this level mostly takes place underwater. First the track goes down underwater vertically, in the field of three different piranhas. Next the track goes diagonally upwards to the right, in the fields of the three same piranhas. Near the surface and below the track is a blowfish which becomes big and then small, every second. It is a danger at the part of the skywire which is over the blowfish. The track goes back down, in the field of just one piranha. Then the track goes up and down in hills, in the field of a piranha. Next is another piranha and another blowfish, and then the track goes up above water. The skywire then goes underwater again and in the field of a piranha swimming just below the track, like the bees in level 21. Finally, the skywire goes up and in the field of another piranha, above water, and to the station.
First, the track goes down to the right. There are 3 bomb-dropping birds and then a break in the skywire. The track then goes up through 2 goose heads. There is then another goose head, then a break and a curve around a 4-geese head. At the top of the curve is a parrot. Going down, there is a goose head from before and another hill with another parrot. There are two former goose heads and a break in the track. Near the end is a hill with a break in the middle. Finally is the last parrot, and the station.


At the beginning are two hopping frogs, and then the track goes down into the field of two goose heads. Underwater, there is a piranha swimming back and forth, an orca under part of the track, and a crab on an island next to the track, The track goes out of water into the field of a goose head, and then to the right and back underwater. There are two piranhas and at the bottom there is a curve with a frog under the bottom. The skywire goes back up, next to the same crab and a same piranha, and out of water. It crosses through the same goose head. Finally, there are two more goose heads. At the end of the track are two frogs and another goose head, then the station.


The track goes straight to the right. Hanging onto the track is a gorilla, different from the other gorillas in that each time it goes off and back on, it moves slightly to the right. The track curves down through a swinging chain of monkeys. Next there are two more regular gorillas, and another curve down with swinging monkeys. Finally, there is another straight line with another moving gorilla, and then the station.


The majority of this level is underwater. A duck travels on the surface of the water, which follows the skywire car, and it goes straight down into the water whenever the car passes under it. First, the track goes downwards into the water and back up, and the only hazard is the duck. Next, the track loops underwater, where a piranha passes through two parts of the track. Then it loops above the water, and two pop-out giraffes both cross with the loop. The skywire goes back underwater, deep to the near bottom of the water, where the only hazards are one piranha and the duck. Since the duck is not much of a hazard if the player keeps the skywire car moving. Finally, the track goes back above water, crosses between two more giraffe heads, and leads to the station.


Throughout this level, a chomping alligator head follows the skywire car on the track. When the head’s mouth opens, the car can quickly move behind the alligator head (of course, at the cost of one passenger). The track first goes down and slopes back up diagonally, with three hopping frogs. Then, it goes in curves through rotating snakes. It goes down and two a curved hill, where three frogs surround it (one at the centre of the hill). The track goes up and left across two gophers. Note that the alligator’s jaws can open wide enough on the track below (or above) to hurt the car. The skywire goes up and to the right through another pair of rotating snakes and over a gopher, and slopes down through a rotating snake head and two more gophers to the exit.

If the car moves behind the alligator head, the level cannot be completed, since the alligator head stops at the station.

28In this level, several bats travel on the track like the alligator head in level 27, except that they are smaller and faster. A new bat appears about every ten seconds at the beginning of the track; the level starts with two. The track wraps around twice with different locations and curves. There are several small hills and valleys placed to avoid bats, which overlap more than one track line. This level requires careful planning, as the bats’ size makes it so that on every track they are on, the part of the track directly below is also “covered’ by the bat until it reaches a hill in the track or the lower track reaches a valley.


The track starts out to the right, going under three bomb-dropping birds. In this level, whales move back and forth on the water, shooting up large spouts of water which does knock out passengers. The track loops up and down several times, and the player has to avoid both more birds at the horizontal parts of the track and looping flies (from Pest Control) at the top of each loop. The flies do not cross the crests of the loops. The track finally ends after several vertical and horizontal loops and valleys.

Skull (30)

The final level of Skywire 2 is another boss avoidance: a giant cat. The cat opens and closes its mouth, and after each time it stays open for about second and one teeth retreats, making space for the skywire car to go through. The track goes back and forth shaped in long lines that all cross the cat’s giant mouth. First are two straight lines, and after the third straight line the track loops to go to the next line. The line then goes outside of the cat’s mouth, requiring the player to go quickly to the next tooth opening, or giving the player a short break. The next line is a straight line, but the next line goes up in down in short heights like in level 12 with the crabs, except all horizontally, The last line goes up and down in bigger heights, making the skywire car harder to keep still to keep it safe from the other teeth of the gigantic cat. After that line is the final station, finishing the game of Skywire 2.

After completing level 30, the rainbow cable car and the twenty levels from the original Skywire are unlocked. Completing all twenty original levels unlocks the flashing cable car.

Toxic II

Author: Nobody

Levels: 1.0 – 11.0 (not including Secret Levels)

1.0 – Hacking the System

The level introduces spikes, the Computer Person, a walking robot enemy, and how to blow up a wall.

2.0 – Aerosol

The level starts with wall jumping up a wall while avoiding a hovering robot. Now jump and sliding down the next wall and then carefully walk through 11 hovering robots. Now, slide down a wall then jump, then land on the ground. Jumps on the platforms surrounded by hovering robots then walk through the hovering robots, all the way to the end.

3.0 – Laser Phaser

The level starts off with walking on a conveyor belt with three spinning lasers above. Now drop down and go onto another belt. There is metal protecting you from the laser, be careful not to get hit by it when you run.  Jump down onto another belt then jump to the one on the right then stay under the metal till the laser is blocked, then run.

4.0 – Digg It

The player finds a new bomb the drill bomb. Plant it near the wall to destroy it, then run across the platforms to a big wall then plant a bomb then run to the end of the room and place another bomb then slide down the wall and when you come to the ground be careful not to fall into the acid while jumping from the platforms. Now jump up the wall and place the bomb the highest,run through the tunnel and place another bomb,then drop down and place another bomb as high and run through the tunnel.

5.0 – Steady Platform

The level starts off with running and avoiding the lasers, jumping over some green liquid then wall jumping up a wall, then jumping from platform to platform above the lasers,jump over another wall with a laser above, then you find the ledge bomb, then use three of them to get to a ledge.Then you go to a platform using a ledge bomb, then to another one doing the same, then wall jump to a ledge,jump to another platform and place a ledge bomb to shield you from a laser then run to the transporter.

6.0 – Arachnophobia

You start with dropping down, then running past a spider robot, then another one, and then two. You come to a wall, wall jump up it avoiding the drips from the pipes, then when you are at the top jump on some disappearing platforms avoiding the spider. Walk on some more and grab some ledge bombs, avoid the spider again, and use the bombs to get to the top to the transporter.

7.0 – The Highs and Lows

The Player should get a Ledge Bomb, then use then to get up to the ledge near the Left, get the Basic Bomb, destroy the three Walking Robots, then use the Basic Bomb to destroy the Rock (till the Player can get through it). Now get a Ledge Bomb, go through the hole, drop the Ledge Bomb, go to the left, drop another, then try to get to the other Bomb Spawner on the left, Now blow up the Rock using Ledge Bombs. After that, get a Ledge Bomb, then jump down the hole, the drop a Ledge Bomb, then drop onto the little bit of rock on the left you can stand on. Now jump onto the metal with the arrow underneath, then go to the left, drop a Ledge Bomb, then jump up and drop another Ledge Bomb, then repeat this till you can get to the Red Transporter.

8.0 – Take cover

Jump to the Metal Platform when the laser is on the right side of the above Metal Platform, repeat this till you get to the Red Transporter.

9.0 – Ready Aim Fire

Run and jump on the Conveyor Belts, until you get to the Computer Person. Destroy the Bomb Shooting Robot, drop a Bomb near the Red Button, then run on the Pink Platform till you reach the end, now jump onto the ledge. Jump up till the Bomb Shooting Robot sees you, then it will shoot a Bomb up, it will land near him, and blow it up. Jump onto the Conveyor Belt, destroy the Robot, then the other Robot, then stand where the Robot you just blew up was, drop a Bomb on the Conveyor Belt, and when the Pink Platform is there jump on it, until you get to the Belt above you. Now duck, then jump onto the Pipe, stay on the pipe, drop a Bomb, and jump on the Pink Platform. When it’s activated, jump onto the Pipes, drop down, duck, then drop a Bomb on the Pink Button, and when the number on the Bomb reaches 1 jump to the Right, and wall jump up the Pink Platform. When you get to the Conveyor Belt above, duck to get under the pipe, then jump to avoid the Spikes, repeat again, then when you see the Bomb Shooting Robot, make him see you, he will shoot a Bomb on the Pink Button, and activate it, then jump on the pink platform blocks till you get to the Red Transporter.

10.0 – Bigfoot

When you get to Big Foot, the entrance will be closed. Big Foot will jump around, the player should place bombs in places Big Foot might jump on, when Big Foot is damaged enough he will jump up, then come down on top of you, then he will move his legs slowly so try to keep up with his movement. He will jump up, and jump around, or trap you between his legs. Then at a certain time, Big foot will come and stay the middle of the room, and shoot Green Balls which will slide on the floor. Run and jump (to avoid the bombs) and drop bombs near Big Foot, until he blows up. A entrance will open on the Right when Big Foot is destroyed, run through it to the Red Transporter. Also near the end there is a secret path being blocked by stone. If this is blown up the player will see a walking robot and lots of canisters.

11.0 – Wheel Deal

The player should go to the left or right, but stay on the platform, then drop a bomb from the platform, until the Wheel Root is destroyed. Now drop onto the platform, then go to the part of the platform where you can drop a Bomb on the below Wheel Robots. Get to the part of the platform, then drop the bomb. When the robots are destroyed, drop down, and destroy the rock below you, then stay on a part of the rock,and destroy the bots below (TIP: blow up a part of the rock below, (not where you are standing) but not all of it, just a bit, so when the Wheel Robots come, they will get stuck in the bit you blew up, making them easy to destroy), then where you are standing, drop a bomb to activate the Red Button, then drop down the holes, but run into the Pink Platform, until it disappears (don’t worry, the lasers won’t hurt you, where you are standing). Now, drop bombs to blow up the below Wheel Robot. Now go down to where the Wheel Robot was, destroy the Right wall (the other one leads to Green Liquid) , then destroy the right floor. Now, there are Wheel Robots below, so go onto one of the ledges, and drop bombs down until the Bots are destroyed. Now drop down and go to the Red Transporter.


Levels: 1-24

Author: Matacorn

This level teaches the player about the rules in the game. There is one Cosmic Key. To get to the Key, just follow the Hydrogen Stars.
Lead the Little Star into the space cubes. Clear the space cubes till you can make a way out of the room, then when out, clear the other space cubes, till you can get to the Cosmic Key.
Draw some stars up to guide you star forward, then when you come to the Dark Matter Balls, draw some stars left or right, if on the left side, draw some stars right,(NOTE: If on the right side, do Left, and for the rest of the instructions, do the opposite) and then draw some stars left, then draw some stars right, then draw some stars down to the key.
Guide the Little Star forward, then guide the star to the below or above Galactic Jelly, then guide the star into the Green Space Cubes,till you get the two Cosmic Keys, then go past the Spike Sphere, and guide the star into the Triangle Space Cube until you to the Key.
Stay in the center, while activating the first set of Neutron Bombs. Next, go for either side, activating them too, and then blowing up the last set of Neutron Bombs, allowing access to the level’s only Key.
This level introduces the Winged Aliens and Spherical Aliens. Both will more from side to side, and aren’t much of a problem in this level, just weave through the creatures to reach the Key.
One of the first and few levels to include Movable Space Cubes. Move the first two sets of cubes out of the way, revealing two Keys. Move the horizontal cubes first, and then the vertical ones. Collect both keys and end the level.
This level contains a truckload of enemies. Stick (literally) to one side of the screen, and wait for the right moment to release and activate one of the pair of Neutron Bombs, and clearing the way. Then blow up a bomb on either side of the screen, and sail to the Key, weaving through the three remaining enemies.
Tasty, the game’s first power-ups. Multi Stars will split up your star, begetting two more smaller stars. Just charge through the level, staying close to the center, and letting the copies do all of the block bashing and power-up smashing.
Lasers! Lasers everywhere! Zig-zag around the lasers, following the trail of Hydrogen Stars. Once the Green Hole is reached, travel through to exit in a room that is right next to the starting point to collect the Key.
Super Star! Think of the superstars from the Mario series. Just barrel through everything! You’ll find the first Key at the top-left corner, the second just south and a bit to the right of the first, and the third at the top-right corner of the level.
Another new gimmick, Super Heavy Space Cubes. These blocks will crush our poor little celestial being, so stay clear. Move between the cubes as they crawl apart, but avoid when they come together. After a couple of trials, the Key will be yours.
Blue Stragglers, the real menaces of this game. Avoid colliding with these at all costs. Try to use the Neutron Bombs to your advantage, but if chaos brakes loose,you can defend your solar friend by leading the stragglers away with the use of Drawing Stars. Also note that the Star Boost power-up also helps a bunch in swatting away the pests. The Keys are located at the four corners of the level, and can be retrieved in any order.
Globule Cases and Small Dark Space Cubes are introduced,so head for the first Super Star at once. Go the the top-left corner of the room for the first Key, and the to the bottom-right for the second. Head up to the top-right corner to travel to the next room, but avoid doing this when not in Super Star Mode, as the dark space cubes will spawn Winged Aliens otherwise. The last two are at the bottom-left and top-right of the second room.
This level features Dark Energy, a substance that disables the ability to create Drawing Stars. Break through the first line of Space Cubes and blow up the Spherical Aliens with a couple of Neutron Bombs. Now you’ll see a Laser accompanied by three Multi Star power-ups, two in Globule Cases. Avoid these (unless you want to score a few points), and head to either side of the screen. Bash the blocks, revealing another section that is almost identical to the last, with the exception of two Bumpers. Adapt the same strategy, activate the line of Neutron Bombs, and you’re home free.
In this level, the Multi Star power up will work against you. Avoid them, as the level is littered with dark matter blocks of all sizes. Travel to the top left part of the room to retrieve the first of two Keys. Then diagonally down to the Wormhole, teleport to the next area,and diagonally again to the last Key.
Another new power up to add to the fray. The Relativity Clock will slow you down, and then let loose. Use the slow mode to possition your star until the crazy mode kicks in. Follow the path, and try to stay in slow or crazy mode of most of the level.
Remember, don’t hit the blocks! Use the Neutron Bombs instead, and avoid the Bumpers, they will most likely sent you into multiple Dark Matter Blocks. The keys will be at the four corners of the arena.
Raw power, that’s what in a Big Daddy Bomb. These power ups summon the Big Red Star to disintegrate everything in sight. After the first bomb, the second will use at least proficient timing to obtain. Then comes the line of enemies. These enemies will actually protect you from the lasers ahead, so stay in between them. At last, erupt the power inside one of the two bombs, and grab the Key.
Quantum leap! Brand new Quantum Switches will make Space Cubes traverse the dimensions, allowing new passages to open. Go past the first few walls until you can activate to two Big Daddy Bombs. Then comes the line of aliens. Three waves of Spherical Aliens will harass slower players as they guide the Little Star through many lines of Space Cubes. At the end is a Big Daddy Bomb for destroying to aliens (if you must), and the Key to the level.
This level will test your patience and timing. Start the level by moving up to the pair of Galactic Jellies. Only move out when you are sure that the Super Heavy Scape Cubes will not crush you, so go out as soon as the passage is wide enough. After another round of this, you’ll face the same obstacle, but with the help of Relativity Clocks, so be sure to fine tune. After this, the last obstacle is simple, if you know the trick. Stick the Little Star to the lowest Galactic Jelly. Then, spring him forward as the tunnel widens, breezing you through the last stretch.
Say hello to Gravity Bubbles. It’s like the Globule Case, exept only Neutron Bombs can blast them open. Start the level by switching the Quantum Switch. Then, travel through the two Super Heavy Space Cubes, cakewalk after the last level. Do it again, and you’ll meet the first Gravity Bubble. Bump it downwards, and activate the bombs near it, releasing a Big Daddy. Make it got ka-boom, and run over the remenence of your fellow enemies. Now comes a tricky part. Follow the bottom path to reveal a small pass, big enough for your star pupil, but too small to fit the Gravity Bubble that you’ll find. Knock the bubble past the Switch Scape Cubes, and follow it on the lower lane, flipping switches as you go. Now, lead the bubble down the smaller path, and next to some…guess what? Neutron Bombs! Blow up the bubble and blow up the enemies. This’ll lead the way to the Key.
Go, go, go! Grab a Superstar and head north. There, the path will split. The top part is the easiest; just smash the bricks, and activate the Neutron bombs to blow the enemies away, revealing the room’s Cosmic Key. Both of the side rooms also hold Keys, and follow the same basic pattern, bomb the aliens, grab the key.Small alcoves in the side rooms will hold extra Superstars for emergencies, but you won’t be coming back, so…
This level holds lots of Dark Space Cubes. For each room, crack open one box, and wait until the straggler comes back into your room. Make them go vertical, and move on. Follow this for all rooms, and when the set of six dark blocks are shown, open the second from the top, following the Blue Straggler until the end, where you can send it flying vertical, and grab the Key.

Ice  Breaker: The Gathering

Levels: 1-14 (I didn’t do the walkthough for level 13, strangely)

Author: Nobody (me again)

Coming Soon!


11 Responses to Walkthroughs

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Do you intend to include any more walkthroughs on this page? =D

  2. Walkthrough Loader says:


  3. Random-storykeeper says:

    Actually, Nebula has 30 levels, not 24. So Matacorn didn’t do the walkthrough for all the levels. I’m stuck on level 26.

    • NOBODY says:

      Good eye! I think it was because I saw level 24 on the article, and 30 wasn’t there, so I just thought there were 24 levels, strangely. I’ll correct it.

  4. bug2799 says:

    I’m stuck on tiny castle, the thought baloon reads an eye symbol, and I don’t know what it means.

  5. bug2799 says:

    I’m standing near portraits of the princess’s relatives, but it doesn’t do anything.

    • NOBODY says:

      You need to strike you sword (attack) in a certain area. If you notice, the pictures, they will all be looking at a spot. It is in this spot that there is an object you must strike.

  6. Random-storykeeper says:

    …you do realize this page’s going to become really hard to navigate if you add any more walkthroughs…right?

  7. bug2799 says:

    I’m stuck in Parasite. I have to get four crates for a door to open via four buttons, but I can’t find the other two.

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