Super Snot Put released + soon taken down

June 7, 2012

You make a sequel for a game. Stumped (no pun intended) on what to name it? Give it the prefix “Super”. “Super” Feed Me, “Super” Snot Put, “Super” Metroid (Super Metroid isn’t a nitrome game). Super Snot Put is the name of Nitrome’s latest game. This game is exactly the same in gameplay to its predecessor, and is also the only mini game to receive a sequel. The only changes is that the art has been update, some new art has been added, and you can challenge your friends on Facebook to see who can fling the farthest.

This game seems to have been made mainly to show how the Facebook challenging thing works. To challenge somebody (I think) you send them an invite (or something like that). I got that from the next Super Snot Put blog post. Now, about it being taken down. Don’t think you’re seeing things or this is Nitrome’s very late April fools joke.

There was a problem where a majority of Nitrome’s facebook fans were unable to play it on Nitrome’s app page. Not only was this the only problem, many of the invites that were sent to others to come play the game ceased to function. Likely next week the game will be able to be played again.

Well, this concludes this blog post!


Small Fry fixed!

June 6, 2012

On nitrome’s facebook page, one nitrome fan raised the question about “Why does the ending for small fry not work?”. Nitrome addressed this issue and fixed the game to include the ending. However, an error while fixing the game caused level 1 (and likely all levels) to load the background, fry counter, buttons, etc., but not the actual level itself. Thus, you can’t play the game, not even the first level.

Likely through another fan informing nitrome about the broken game nitrome went ahead and fixed it. Now, you can play through small fry and see the new ending! Is it animated? Is it larger than the previous ending? Is it the previous ending? Why don’t you go and complete the game to see… or wait until I (hopefully) complete the game and post the ending to youtube.

The questions section

May 31, 2012

Today is the day Nitrome has placed up the questions section! When it was first announced, I expected something like a box where you enter your question then press “Submit”, or something like that where you post your Email address so Nitrome can send you a reply. Well, seems that this is not what Nitrome has planned.

What Nitrome uses for asking them question is the comments section of Facebook, the good ‘ol comments which require you to have an account. One major flaw I find is that you must have a Facebook account to ask questions. Don’t have that? Can’t get it? Well, you can’t ask the questions and Nitrome can’t answer them (because not even Nitrome can read your mind).

I am disappointed with how this question-asking section turned out, as if I wanted to ask Nitrome a question (at this time I have no questions to ask Nitrome), I can’t as I don’t have Facebook nor can get it. Using the Facebook comments allows for Nitrome to open up an easy way to get questions from fans, but also prevents there fans who don’t have Facebook unable to ask Nitrome their questions.

Maybe Nitrome will come up with a compromise for this situation, maybe not.

Unmentioned iPhone game almost done + New blog section coming soon!

May 25, 2012

Today’s Friday Update has been merged with the iTrome nitrome blog category. Nitrome has some new stuff to tell there fans, one about the iPhone project and one about the new blog category coming next week. Now about the iPhone project: Nitrome is developing an iPhone game for the iPhone (quite obvious, what else would they develop an iPhone game for? Wii?). The shocking art about it is it isn’t Super Feed Me.

As to not scare fans, the Super Feed Me game has not been cancelled, it has been put on hold and “is resting on a sunny shelf” in Nitrome Towers. This game was done instead of Super Feed Me as it was better suited for Nitrome’s first iPad ‘n iPhone release than Super Feed Me. Now what is this about the new blog section? Nitrome is planning to release a new blog section next week – titled ‘Questions’. Here, you can ask Nitrome ‘Questions’.

This sections will likely backfire on Nitrome, as if you ever read the comments of Nitrome’s Facebook page, you will realize how moronic and idiotic some of there fans act asking Nitrome questions. Nitrome will probably answer questions that are posted by multiple fans, as these questions are the ones that fans are eager to have answered.

This blog post on my blog will end differently than usual blog posts, it will end with a question: What question do you want to ask Nitrome?

Nitrome reveals ‘Pixel Love’ blog section

May 14, 2012

Y’know when Nitrome said they had something a little different to reveal, more than a week ago? You may have though it was something like a new skin or something relating to a game. Many of you probably wouldn’t have thought it was a new blog category. Well, it is.

Nitrome has created a new blog category called ‘Pixel Love’. This category will be used by Nitrome to write about some other flash games they like. This does not mean that Nitrome “will be turned into a multi-developer arcade”, as I quote from Nitrome.

In this first post in the Pixel Love category, Nitrome highlights Super Puzzle Platformer. In this game, you play as this gun-wielding block man as you shoot and destroy falling coloured blocks. The level stars off with a pre-made block floor two blocks thick. Coloured blocks fall, and if they are on top of other coloured blocks, shooting that block will damage the other blocks below.

It’s instant death if you meet the spiky floor or are crushed by a falling block. Try to see how far you can get! Nitrome also provides a link to a section of their site where you can play the game without leaving This section on the site has the usual Nitrome background replaced with blocks linking to other blocks, some of these other blocks having a heart on them.

Nitrome has said that if Fans like the section (does not mean a facebook ‘like’ button will be placed on blog posts), they will try to make a Pixel Love blog post once a week. If the Pixel Love section “proves to be popular”, nitrome will come up with a way to “house them away from the main Nitrome content”, this possibly meaning Nitrome creating a separate site or blog for Pixel Love blog posts. Super Puzzle Platformer is quite fun! Give it a go!

Super Puzzle Platformer

Nitrome Site Updates

May 4, 2012

Nitrome has updated fans on the Ad situation and Nitrome 2.5 site update. When you go play a Nitrome game – whether it be the light gun shooter Graveyard Shift or the peaceful Hot Air 1 -, you will notice the Hot Air Balloon from the Hot Air Series in a large rectangular box on the right side of the screen. He looks confused, and you will be to unless you read the words at the top of the box: “This area is empty during a trial period”. What is Nitrome trialling? Well, as mentioned in some past Nitrome blog posts, Nitrome is experimenting with their ads, this “balloon panel” serving as the area where the experiments are being done.

Nitrome is trying to get a reasonable amount of money without harming their games or your gaming experience. So far, this “balloon panel” is working out well. This Ad situation is like the Parasite from the Nitrome game of the same name , it has latched on to the head of all Nitrome employees, sucking the time out of them. Nitrome has been spending so much time fixing their ads on the Island of Dr. Mat Annal, that they have hired Jack (whose current last name is unknown to use at the time) to do work on the Ads.

Now, they have tossed the Parasite on to Jack’s head, and the Parasite is currently draining Jack’s time. With the Parasite gone, the Nitrome Team are now working on the site update. The “balloon panel” I have mentioned three times already will be replaced in the future with something good. Tom McQuillan has provided an image of 2.0, this image showing some of the avatars for the site. As mentioned posts ago by Nitrome, a search bar will be included in the site update, so News and Games can be browsed through easily.

Nitrome has also said “they are introducing something a little different next week.”. Is this the site update? Code name for a new game called “Different next week”? Well, we gotta wait and see!

Nitrome Demo #2: Hot Air Jr.

May 2, 2012

Nitrome always lives up to their word, most of the time though. Nitrome has released their second Demo, which this time is Hot Air Jr.. This demo contains a level made exclusively for the game, this level likely not being seen in the full game. Demos were announced last month by Nitrome, demos serving as a small game that contains objects for an upcoming. Fans can play around in demos and test out the new content. Nitrome has stated demos were released mainly so Nitrome can collect feedback on the game, so they can make changes to the game before it is released so it better suits fans.

The first demo was Cheese Dreams 2, while the current demo at the time of me writing this is Hot Air Jr., the third instalment of the Hot Air Series. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to proceed to the demo!

Hot Air Jr. Demo

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