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September 27, 2012

Hello viewers! Some of you (maybe all) have seen how this blog wasn’t updated for a long time. Well, I kind of got bored with it, and had been bored of it for a long time, bored with it since I stopped putting pictures in my blog posts. Anyway, I noticed the slow decline of the viewers of my blog. Anyway, a certain user’s blog post on the Nitrome Wiki showed me how they had found the Nitrome Wiki through my blog.

Finding this out, this energized me to start contributing again! Anyway, much about Nitrome has happened within the last time I posted. Nitrome added Developer Diaries to the Ice Breaker website, informed us about the map part of Ice Breaker iOS, how the resolution of the game differs between iPhone used, and how certain levels will have a certain object found only in that level.

Nitrome made an adjustment to the at-the-time two icon games J-J-Jump and Gunbrick that allows the player to adjust the game more, than being restricted to just two types of adjustment. Later (after the revealing of the map), Nitrome released Calamari, a game where you play two squids and try to shoot the various blocks throughout the level and try to get a high score.

This game is playable on Facebook, and also on Plus, you and a friend can play. Not too soon after that, Nitrome fixed a bug in Super Snot Put and Calamari, a bug that prevented the game from loading. After that, Nitrome revealed their cancelled game “Sucknblo”. In the game, you played as a superhero of some sort and had to rid the level of enemies using your push beam – a beam that gave enemies a forceful “push”. With this weapon, you would have to push enemies into walls.

The game wasn’t worked on for too long, as it was cancelled as it proved to not be much fun. Makes sense, if you were testing a game, and didn’t like it, would you want to allow your 140,000+ fans to play it and be as disgusted with at as you are? Plus, you would have to work on the game, and a lot of work goes into Nitrome games. Anyway, if this game hadn’t been cancelled, the sledding game Avalanche may have never been released.

For a long time, not much Nitromey stuff was published on the blog. However, on September 18th 2012 (The Nitrome Wiki’s birthday), Nitrome revealed a trailer of Double Edged????. Although you can’t grammatically use four ?’s like that (and I didn’t break any rules adding a period/fullstop after the fourth ?), fans were perplexed over the nature of the trailer. Why four Spartans? Why all in levels featured in Double Edged? How is it possible for you to fit four hands on a tiny keyboard?

These questions would be answered in the next week. After this, Nitrome spread the word that MochiCoins (the service that allowed people to spend coins to buy content in the few Nitrome games supporting this feature) was going to be cancelled. Nitrome said that they were actually going to axe MochiCoins anyway, when they came out with their own login system. Nitrome said they were going to transition the method of obtaining stuff in MochiCoins supporting Nitrome games to something else.

What is this other service going to be? Will it be free? Nitrome has not yet answered these questions. So the next week after the revealing of the mysterious Double Edged????, Nitrome revealed the Nitrome Touchy. The Nitrome Touchy is an app that transforms your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into a game controller, and allows you to use this controller to play games on your computer. I found this feature neat, but at first misunderstood it.

Anyway, Nitrome released Turnament the next day. In Turnament, you play something similar to a mini boardgame. You move, everything else moves. Try to get to the end of the level to advance to the next level. The game features 11 levels, the 11th available only after you have collected all the coins in the past 9 levels. This game at first will have Hot Air like difficulty (Hot Air is Nitrome’s first flash game, renowned for its extreme difficulty).

Well, that wraps up all that happened at Nitrome while I didn’t post here. Now, about this blog. Some of the pages here will no longer be updated, but link in a certain way to the Nitrome Wiki. I’m doing this as it seems a bit redundant to post stuff here and on the Nitrome Wiki, when I can simply just direct users to the Nitrome Wiki.

Well, that’s it. Thanks all of you who have constantly visited this blog! And also, future blog posts will have pictures. This blogpost  has covered a lot of stuff about Nitrome, and if you want to learn more, click the below links to the topic on the Nitrome Wiki.

Ice Breaker iOS website – information on the website

Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage – a page packed with content relating to the upcoming iOS game

Calamari – Nitrome’s second Facebook app game

Sucknblo – Cancelled Nitrome game. This article also includes content relating to the discovered second beta image

Double Edged???? – Article on unusual game

MochiCoins – The serivce that allows you to buy Nitrome goodies in select games!

Nitrome Touchy – Article on the upcoming app

Turnament – Article on the game. Also has a complete walkthrough availible.


Neutronized’s Roar Rampage’s destruction engine based off Rubble Trouble Engine

April 20, 2012

(credit to my sister for telling me)

Many of you may not know about the indie game makers Neutronized, who make games in a similar style to Nitrome’s games. I know about them because my sister writes on the Neutronized Wiki. Neutronized’s current released game – Roar Rampage – is a side scroller where you playas this godzilla-like monster going across this city destroying buildings with your giant boxing glove. You use the mouse to extend your boxing glove, and have to move your mouse in certain motions to punch and destroy buildings.

The game is very ingenious, and after some minutes of playing, you may realize that how the bricks are destroyed is similar to how bricks in Rubble Trouble are destroyed. When you punch a building, you make a big hole in the building and send bricks flying. Some buildings contain metal beams, and sometimes you can destroy the base of a building and punch around clumps of base-connected parts.

Neutronized has acknowledged on their blog that the destructive engine for the game is “influenced by one the greatest and clever games, Rubble Trouble.”. A very special thanks is also given out on the blog post to Nitrome.

If your anxious to see what game Nitrome plans on releasing today – whether you’ll be blowing balloons around in Hot Air Jr., bouncing around as a Moon made of Cheese in Cheese Dreams 2, performing tests for your watching master in Test Subject 3, or exploring an abandoned area as a thief in an untitled Nitrome platformer -, you can take a go at Roar Rampage until Nitrome gets around at releasing their new game.

Roar Rampage

Facebook revamping

March 1, 2011

Nitrome has revamped their Facebook page, adding a little graphic to the left side of there page. The graphic is the bronze Nitrome logo  above  mugshots of Nitrome characters. We see there are 9 mugshots and all, and it seems that Canary 214-LE (main character in Canary) is sleeping on the Job.

Well, that graphic looks nice. Anyone notice the image in the at the end of the top row? The Black and White one? Could this possibly be a preview of an upcoming Nitrome game? Will I be right this time? Anyway, the Nitrome Blog has been fixed, with blog Glitches fixed, along with the Style Code for the blog being cleaned up. Speaking of  Blogs, Tom, who made the new blog, posted his first post, Informing everybody of the blog fixes. Also (thanks to Tobie), we now know what the blog looks like a millisecond before loading! Thanks Tobie! Your awesome! (click image to see it bigger)

Loss of game saves

February 28, 2011

Everybody remembers what happened in March 2008, right? All the games saves for old games were erased when Nitrome switched over to their new server hosting. I’ve heard of this happening with people and their computers 9and I’m happy this hasn’t happened to me). Sadly, this tragic event has happened once again, well for me at least. All the game saves for recent games (and probably for old games) has been erased.

So, what was the cause of the erasing? A system flaw? Serving swapping? I’m not even sure myself. Is there anything we can do to get our saves back? Probably not. This is dreadful for people who have gotten far in a hard game (Jack Frost, Twang, Canary, etc.). If you have gotten far in a Nitrome game that is hosted on another site (Miniclip, Bubblebox, MTV Arcade, etc.), your save will have not been erased, unless something else that happened on that site caused the game saves to be erased.

Jay is Games best of 2010 Nitrome nominees

January 26, 2011

I almost forgot! Jay is Games best of 2010 has started now, and 5 Nitrome games have been nominated. They are (category in brackets): Chisel (action or arcade) Fault Line (platform) Tiny Castle (platform) Rubble Trouble (puzzle) and Bullethead (shooter).

This year, voting will be a little different. This year you can vote for 1 game in each category, each day. This means you can vote for 4 of Nitrome’s games (Fault Line and Tiny Castle are in the same category) each day until the event is over. If we all do that every day (vote), we can give each Nitrome game 35 votes in a week, depending on how many people vote daily.

Click the links below to go to the game’s category and vote for it. And for the Platform category, decide whether you think Tiny Castle is better the Fault Line or Fault Line better the Tiny Castle.

More info on previewed game

January 13, 2011

(Credit to Tobie)

Remember the Teaser Image Mat showed in that Nitrome Blog & Facebook post? Remember a bigger image of the Teaser image I showed here? Well, that game is still in production. About a month ago, on a site (I don’t know which site it was on), Aaron Steed posted an update on the Strategy game. It shed some light on what the game would be about (Tobie found the below quote).

“At work at Nitrome I’ve been working on a beast of a game. It’s been months in the making, and has changed my workflow to resemble something more like MVC. One of the big problems in the Actionscript mindset is extending DisplayObjects. You lose control of the rendering. By shifting over to a pure copyPixels model that’s separate from your object updates you get full visual control and you no longer have to waste time updating objects simply because they’re wired into Flash’s rendering model.

The gameplay of the game I can’t go into, but here’s the screenshot we released on Facebook and the Nitrome Blog:


It’s the first RTS by Nitrome. I honestly thought I hated the genre, but I’ve discovered that RTSs are fantastic fun to code and my homework (Plant vs Zombies, StarCraft 2, Eufloria) have converted me to the cause. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a franchise.”

So, the quote revealed some things. First, its going to be a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, like Starcraft 2, Plants vs Zombies, games like that. As I read on Wikipida, RTS games have no Turns. Second is…. is…. oh wait, there is no second.

The little thing that says Clicky  was, on the website it was originally from, supposed t link to the smaller image  of the gameplay (which you can see here ). So, is this game going to be the first Nitrome game of 2011? Second? Third?

Well, I honestly think it’s probably  going to be the second or third. But what’s going to be the first game of 2011? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

Round Up of the year

December 31, 2010

Ah yes, the year is almost over. In less then 14 hours, 2011 will be among us. So, I thought I would write a round up of the year. Yup. Usually, when other sites do this, they put up a Banner, like with 2010 on it.

I can’t do this because I do not have enough time. Anyway, I think it’s about time I go on with the Round Up.


(I have omitted the Ice Breaker 3 things as they are about stuff released in the past year)

Ah, were about to charge in right to this year again. Anyway, on January 7th, Nitrome announces there games that were nominated for Jay is Games Casual Game thing.

Cave Chaos, Double Edged, Flash Cat, Ice Breaker , Final Ninja Zero, Twin Shot 2, Graveyard Shift, and Castle Corp. And not soon after that (like 5 Minutes) , Nitrome released a poll; “Which game would you most like a sequel for?” being the topic.

On the 19th, Tar Cup is released for BC Bow Contest. After the Jay is Games thing, Ice Breaker come back victorious, wining best  Physics game of 2009. After much waiting, we get a brick breaking game to excite Nitrome fans – Rubble Trouble, the hard yet fun game you can release your anger on.


February the 3rd was when the results of the pole were released. The Cable Car Classic (CCC) came in third, only to be eaten by the  before dinner game at 12% – Square Meal.

Although the the game with the Fly-Trap-in-the-pot – Feed Me – came in 11%, 1% less then Square Meal it; sharing the same spot with Twin Shot, it spawned a “Touching” sequel the next month.

The most popular Physics game, Ice Breaker, scored 9%, guess the Vikings took a vacation from there rise to fame in February. Off the Rails got 10%, Scribble  coming in last at 3%. But who was the real winner of the poll – Double Edged!

February 9th was the day all the English and American celebrities showed there faces in bean form. Finally, on the 23rd, Rustyard was nominated for the Mochis!


March was a month of Traveling Nitrome Bros. – Mat & Jon Annal. The 2 bros. went to San Fransisco where they would do a talk on how there office went from Bedroom to a Medium Sized Office, the Nitrome Story, taking place on the 8th.

Nominated on the 23rd of Feb., Rustyard wins the award for Best Puzzle Game at the Flash Game Summit. And on the same day, a sneak peek of the upcoming game for the iPod and iPod touch is revealed – Super Feed Me!

About 48 (2 Days) after the reports from the Summit, we get Nitrome’s first RPG, Blast RPG.


Nitrome is hard at work developing games, since they probably fell back after the Flash Summit adventure. Anyway, we get a game which wuold be perfect for the DS – Tiny Castle! And finally, the first skin for ’10, Factory, is lunched on the 8th.


May was like April, no  other-then-game blog updates, just game. We get to Dig it in Chisel on the 2nd, then protect the planet from hostile aliens in Bullethead on the 13th.


Little things happened in June, like the release of the what was considered one of Nitrome’s most ingenious game- Fault Line!


June is the month of doom for many Nitrome fans. With the release of Ribbit on 14th, it seems the great gamepression has begun.

The release of Worm Food on the 23rd partly restored Nitrome’s reputation, but will it be enough for the coming months?


August begins the 2 month drought, the drought of no games. Nirome fans count the days of no game, hoping Nitrome will not pass a month without a game. The 17th was when Mat announces that a interview with Nitrome on Gamasutra has been done.


Good things happened in September. On the 17th, Mat announces that a problem on the website that prevented blog posts to be published was fixed. On the same day, link posts a link to another interview with Nitrome on Gamespy, and his brother,   Jon, shows a Sneak Peek of a in production game.

Mat, 2 days later, announces that Bullethead has won Internet Game of the Month in the British Magazine Edge. And finally, something to tide there fans over, Squawk was released on the 29th.


Nitrome restored their reputation with the release of the flying platformer game Temple Glider on the 8th, and the release of the serpent slaying game, Sky Sepents! Along with the best of Dave Cowens music in the game!


November 9th was the release of the great puzzle platformer game Enemy 585, along with all the Mario references. In a response to Emails by Fans, Checkpoints were added 3 days later to the game, to satisfy the Fans request.’

And, ready for some Retro gaming? Nitrome shows us the allegedly made ’80’s console, the Nitrome Enjoyment System on the 15th, releasing Super Treadmill on November 19th, a game allegedly ported from the console.


The year is almost over. December 6th marked the launch of the Ice Temple Skin. Nitrome satisfied are craving for a Winter game on the 1oth, with the release of Bad Ice-Cream.

And less then a week later, the Papercraft section on the Nitrome Shop opens up, allowing paper versions of Enemy 585 characters to be printed out and folded, so everyone can make there own 3-Dimensional Nitrome characters. 2 Days before Christmas, and before John Kennedy missed his flight, Nitrome released a Racing game.


So. Was 2010 a good year for Nitrome? It was good, not as good as previous years, but good. 2011 is almost upon us, with lots of Nitrome gaming in the New Year. So for all of you celebrating New Years tomorrow…

Have a Happy New Year!

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