Nitrome releases demo for Flightless – the Nitrome game previewed over a year ago


Any of you remember the above image from September 27 2011? This image was previewed by Nitrome over a year ago, and even after a few months Nitrome hd not provided any more information on it. Nitrome told one fan on Facebook (according to Random Story-keeper of the Nitrome Wiki) that the game was an exploration type game, and was taking longer to create.

Two weeks before this game’s big revealing, Aaron Steed (who programmed the game) was looking for beta testers of Nitrome upcoming ladder game. It wasn’t known that this game was actually the game Nitrome had previewed a year ago. I knew about it, and didn’t email St33d to beta test it. Wish I did.

If I had beta tested it, I would have been amazed by it. Despite that, Nitrome released a demo for the game, a trailer, a minsite, and more information on the game. That Monday October 13th was quite a surprise. Nitrome revealed that the game – called Flightless – is a puzzle platformer game that involves you exploring a large open world searching for gems.

This game strays from the usual Nitrome formula of having levels, and instead of the past way of traversing a game, the player is placed in a large 2D world made up of a multitude of rooms. That isn’t the only new thing about this game, you play as a flightless bird who can’t jump, but can climb ladders. Ladders are your friend in this game, as without those, your quest for gems is hopeless. Fortunately, you can create a ladder wherever you are – bar falling in the air.

The ladder will be shot vertically, and stop when it meets a solid object. You have to use this object and your wits to collect gems. And you aren’t along in your adventure, if you have someone else who would wish to play, they can play, as Flightless supports two players playing simultanously. The screen is split for this, so both of you only get half a screen, but you aren’t confined to having to be in the same room, both player’s can go wherever they want, or help each other in claiming a gem if that is what they perfer.

To start you off, Nitrome gives you a free, 34 room demo of the game. Some puzzles in this game are tricky, but are easier with a second player. Nitrome has annouced that this game has been put up on Steam Greenlight. For all of you who don’t know what Steam Greenlight is (and I’m assuming there are a lot, not even I knew), Steam Greenlight is a section of the Steam website (the Steam website is a website which sells games for you to download and play) that allows developers to put games on Steam’s site, but only if the game during the Greenlight phase receives enough votes.

Steam will create a page for the game, and registered Steam users can vote whether they would buy the game if it came out, or wouldn’t buy the game. If the game receives enough votes, Steam will put the game up on their site. A rather clever idea. Nitrome is asking all fans to vote “Yes” to the question “Would you buy this game if came out?” so Nitrome can put it into the Steam store and get money from the purchases.

This comes to the premium part (no no no, this blog is still free to read), the full version of this game will not be free, you wll have to pay for it. After playing through the demo, you will probably want to vote for it, right? Today, Nitrome updated the minisite with some new art, and listed quotes by other people about how great the game is.

Well, finishded reading? If so, and you have a steam account, vote for Nitrome on steam, so they can release the game! Also, sorry for being late with this blog post, I was busy writing about Flightless on the Nitrome Wiki. On another note, if you are having trouble with the game (such as trouble finding a gem), then please go to the Nitrome Wiki page on this game, as I have posted a complete video walkthrough on the game. Along with that, I have taken a picture of every room in the game.

Flightless Nitrome Wiki article


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