Skywire VIP Shuffle released!

Well everyone, Nitrome has provided us with an unexpected release on Friday. For a long time now, we haven’t seen those unexpected Nitrome game releases since around 2006-2009, back when Nitrome was still young.

This game has the regular Skywire VIP gameplay – Cable Car brings famous person as bean person, and you have to try and guess who it is. This time, they’ve added new features. Is a level too hard? You can now skip it, with the Pass Option. Simply click the pass (and shock the Panda while doing so) to complete the level, with 0 points.

The game is now randomized, so each Bean Person you get  is a random, unanswered bean person. Along with this, you no longer have to complete the game in one sitting, whenever you complete a level or leave the game, progress is recorded. You can now come back to the game any time and come back to where you left off.

This game does not allow you to complete the entire, 100 levels in minutes (I completed Skywire VIP Extended in 3 minutes 45 seconds), due to the randomization.
Click here to play!

Full walkthrough on the Nitrome Wiki


4 Responses to Skywire VIP Shuffle released!

  1. Yuri says:

    New game, possible double edged 4 player co-op and mochi coins being discontinued, so, nitrome said that the content in twin shot 2 and bc bow contest will be give to everyone and they will find the best way to do so.

  2. bug2799 says:

    It has now been revealed that the Double Edged four-player teaser was for an all-new app coming soon, called Nitrome Touchy.

    Here’s a quote on the blog post:

    “Nitrome Touchy is a wireless controller solution that opens up a whole new world of opportunities for our browser based games. By using your smart phone or iDevice you can take advantage of the built in motion control and the touch screen interface. This technology also allows us local multiplayer opportunities that we could never achieve within the confines of a normal keyboard. See our Double Edged trailer for a taste of this.

    The app will be available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch devices and shortly afterwards for android mobile devices.

    We will be announcing more details soon about the initial 10 launch games. This will be followed by a further 20 games that will be available within the first 6 months of launch.”


    I think that it’s good that Mochicoins is being canceled because I can’t just buy them, I’m 13.

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