Ice Breaker iOS site updated!

Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed the unusually long gap in posts. The fact is, I completely forgot about my blog. It was only today I remembered. Well, anyway, Nitrome has updated the Ice Breaker iOS site with three new sections: Updates, Comments, and Sign Up!

Updates is where Nitrome reveals content about Ice Breaker iOS, comments is where you can see all the comments made on Nitrome’s Facebook Social Plugin, and Sign Up! is where you can sign up for the Ice Breaker iOS newsletter, delivered through email.

Well, from the updates page you can access all the other pages.

My reign of neglect over my blog is over! You can now expect to find blog posts on all Nitrome blog posts that aren’t Friday Update’s, Distribution, or Pixel Love.

For an in-depth look at the Ice Breaker iOS site, head over to the Ice Breaker iOS page on the Nitrome Wiki.

Ice Breaker iOS page on the Nitrome Wiki.


One Response to Ice Breaker iOS site updated!

  1. Yuri says:

    New game, another skywire VIP.

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