Hot Air Jr. released!

It was quite a surprise when I logged on to and found Hot Air Jr. had been released. The unusual thing was that the game was released on Thursday, instead of Friday, when most Nitrome games are released. The game consists of (I think) 34 levels of Hot Air goodness.

If you notice, you will see that the art wasn’t done by Mat Annal (co-creator of Nitrome, did art for Hot Air 1 and 2), but instead, Stefan Ahlin. Ahlin’s work is really good, as you can see from Enemy 585 (those cloud designs are amazing!). Hot Air Jr. hasn’t changed much from the Hot Air formula, other than he falls faster and is harder to control when you hold the fan to his head to make him move faster (and also doesn’t move as fast as in Hot Air 1 & 2).

Other than that, the game is pretty much the same. This game actually motivated me to finish my school work faster (2 hours faster), so I could go play this game! Anyway, the art for this game is magnificent, and although Hot Air Jr. is a little more difficult to control than his father, the game is still fun, just a little hard to control in some parts.

Play Hot Air 3: Click


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  1. NTPYTO says:

    There are 17 levels in all, including the bonus levels.

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