Super Snot Put released + soon taken down

You make a sequel for a game. Stumped (no pun intended) on what to name it? Give it the prefix “Super”. “Super” Feed Me, “Super” Snot Put, “Super” Metroid (Super Metroid isn’t a nitrome game). Super Snot Put is the name of Nitrome’s latest game. This game is exactly the same in gameplay to its predecessor, and is also the only mini game to receive a sequel. The only changes is that the art has been update, some new art has been added, and you can challenge your friends on Facebook to see who can fling the farthest.

This game seems to have been made mainly to show how the Facebook challenging thing works. To challenge somebody (I think) you send them an invite (or something like that). I got that from the next Super Snot Put blog post. Now, about it being taken down. Don’t think you’re seeing things or this is Nitrome’s very late April fools joke.

There was a problem where a majority of Nitrome’s facebook fans were unable to play it on Nitrome’s app page. Not only was this the only problem, many of the invites that were sent to others to come play the game ceased to function. Likely next week the game will be able to be played again.

Well, this concludes this blog post!


2 Responses to Super Snot Put released + soon taken down

  1. kj says:

    ….. where have your posts been???

    • NOBODY says:

      Nowhere. I just haven’t been posting anything, as Nitrome hasn’t released anything that deserves a post. When Nitrome does release something (like a game release), I write about that. Pixel Love games and Distributable Games I don’t write about.

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