Small Fry fixed!

On nitrome’s facebook page, one nitrome fan raised the question about “Why does the ending for small fry not work?”. Nitrome addressed this issue and fixed the game to include the ending. However, an error while fixing the game caused level 1 (and likely all levels) to load the background, fry counter, buttons, etc., but not the actual level itself. Thus, you can’t play the game, not even the first level.

Likely through another fan informing nitrome about the broken game nitrome went ahead and fixed it. Now, you can play through small fry and see the new ending! Is it animated? Is it larger than the previous ending? Is it the previous ending? Why don’t you go and complete the game to see… or wait until I (hopefully) complete the game and post the ending to youtube.


One Response to Small Fry fixed!

  1. Bamseper says:

    New game! Super Snot Put

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