The questions section

Today is the day Nitrome has placed up the questions section! When it was first announced, I expected something like a box where you enter your question then press “Submit”, or something like that where you post your Email address so Nitrome can send you a reply. Well, seems that this is not what Nitrome has planned.

What Nitrome uses for asking them question is the comments section of Facebook, the good ‘ol comments which require you to have an account. One major flaw I find is that you must have a Facebook account to ask questions. Don’t have that? Can’t get it? Well, you can’t ask the questions and Nitrome can’t answer them (because not even Nitrome can read your mind).

I am disappointed with how this question-asking section turned out, as if I wanted to ask Nitrome a question (at this time I have no questions to ask Nitrome), I can’t as I don’t have Facebook nor can get it. Using the Facebook comments allows for Nitrome to open up an easy way to get questions from fans, but also prevents there fans who don’t have Facebook unable to ask Nitrome their questions.

Maybe Nitrome will come up with a compromise for this situation, maybe not.


One Response to The questions section

  1. When comments go live on the Nitrome site users will not require Facebook to ask questions……but they will need a Nitrome account so an email address for verification on that is going to be the only thing you need. You should have asked this as a question……we would have answered it there 🙂 As with all things on our site we will review things and make them better over tim but sometimes it is best to just get the bear bones of a new feature there quickly and see what happens so you know where best to take it.

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