Unmentioned iPhone game almost done + New blog section coming soon!

Today’s Friday Update has been merged with the iTrome nitrome blog category. Nitrome has some new stuff to tell there fans, one about the iPhone project and one about the new blog category coming next week. Now about the iPhone project: Nitrome is developing an iPhone game for the iPhone (quite obvious, what else would they develop an iPhone game for? Wii?). The shocking art about it is it isn’t Super Feed Me.

As to not scare fans, the Super Feed Me game has not been cancelled, it has been put on hold and “is resting on a sunny shelf” in Nitrome Towers. This game was done instead of Super Feed Me as it was better suited for Nitrome’s first iPad ‘n iPhone release than Super Feed Me. Now what is this about the new blog section? Nitrome is planning to release a new blog section next week – titled ‘Questions’. Here, you can ask Nitrome ‘Questions’.

This sections will likely backfire on Nitrome, as if you ever read the comments of Nitrome’s Facebook page, you will realize how moronic and idiotic some of there fans act asking Nitrome questions. Nitrome will probably answer questions that are posted by multiple fans, as these questions are the ones that fans are eager to have answered.

This blog post on my blog will end differently than usual blog posts, it will end with a question: What question do you want to ask Nitrome?


6 Responses to Unmentioned iPhone game almost done + New blog section coming soon!

  1. bug2799 says:

    Dude, not much people are commenting here that much anymore.

  2. rexicom says:

    you forgot to post about cave chaos 2

  3. kj1398 says:

    im still here, from like 2 years ago! i just dont ever comment…

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