Nitrome reveals ‘Pixel Love’ blog section

Y’know when Nitrome said they had something a little different to reveal, more than a week ago? You may have though it was something like a new skin or something relating to a game. Many of you probably wouldn’t have thought it was a new blog category. Well, it is.

Nitrome has created a new blog category called ‘Pixel Love’. This category will be used by Nitrome to write about some other flash games they like. This does not mean that Nitrome “will be turned into a multi-developer arcade”, as I quote from Nitrome.

In this first post in the Pixel Love category, Nitrome highlights Super Puzzle Platformer. In this game, you play as this gun-wielding block man as you shoot and destroy falling coloured blocks. The level stars off with a pre-made block floor two blocks thick. Coloured blocks fall, and if they are on top of other coloured blocks, shooting that block will damage the other blocks below.

It’s instant death if you meet the spiky floor or are crushed by a falling block. Try to see how far you can get! Nitrome also provides a link to a section of their site where you can play the game without leaving This section on the site has the usual Nitrome background replaced with blocks linking to other blocks, some of these other blocks having a heart on them.

Nitrome has said that if Fans like the section (does not mean a facebook ‘like’ button will be placed on blog posts), they will try to make a Pixel Love blog post once a week. If the Pixel Love section “proves to be popular”, nitrome will come up with a way to “house them away from the main Nitrome content”, this possibly meaning Nitrome creating a separate site or blog for Pixel Love blog posts. Super Puzzle Platformer is quite fun! Give it a go!

Super Puzzle Platformer


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  1. Bamseper says:

    Cave Chaos is out! May I request a change to the wiki? The “elephant creatures” (They are awesome) Look more like anteater creatures to me…

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