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Nitrome has updated fans on the Ad situation and Nitrome 2.5 site update. When you go play a Nitrome game – whether it be the light gun shooter Graveyard Shift or the peaceful Hot Air 1 -, you will notice the Hot Air Balloon from the Hot Air Series in a large rectangular box on the right side of the screen. He looks confused, and you will be to unless you read the words at the top of the box: “This area is empty during a trial period”. What is Nitrome trialling? Well, as mentioned in some past Nitrome blog posts, Nitrome is experimenting with their ads, this “balloon panel” serving as the area where the experiments are being done.

Nitrome is trying to get a reasonable amount of money without harming their games or your gaming experience. So far, this “balloon panel” is working out well. This Ad situation is like the Parasite from the Nitrome game of the same name , it has latched on to the head of all Nitrome employees, sucking the time out of them. Nitrome has been spending so much time fixing their ads on the Island of Dr. Mat Annal, that they have hired Jack (whose current last name is unknown to use at the time) to do work on the Ads.

Now, they have tossed the Parasite on to Jack’s head, and the Parasite is currently draining Jack’s time. With the Parasite gone, the Nitrome Team are now working on the site update. The “balloon panel” I have mentioned three times already will be replaced in the future with something good. Tom McQuillan has provided an image of 2.0, this image showing some of the avatars for the site. As mentioned posts ago by Nitrome, a search bar will be included in the site update, so News and Games can be browsed through easily.

Nitrome has also said “they are introducing something a little different next week.”. Is this the site update? Code name for a new game called “Different next week”? Well, we gotta wait and see!


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