Nitrome Demo #2: Hot Air Jr.

Nitrome always lives up to their word, most of the time though. Nitrome has released their second Demo, which this time is Hot Air Jr.. This demo contains a level made exclusively for the game, this level likely not being seen in the full game. Demos were announced last month by Nitrome, demos serving as a small game that contains objects for an upcoming. Fans can play around in demos and test out the new content. Nitrome has stated demos were released mainly so Nitrome can collect feedback on the game, so they can make changes to the game before it is released so it better suits fans.

The first demo was Cheese Dreams 2, while the current demo at the time of me writing this is Hot Air Jr., the third instalment of the Hot Air Series. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to proceed to the demo!

Hot Air Jr. Demo


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