Gunbrick released!

When Nitrome said they may release a game this week, I thought that they meant Hot Air Jr. or Cheese Dreams 2. From the wording of the sentence, I thought maybe they meant a completely new game. I was deeply surprised when I found what the game was and how you played it – introducing…Gunbrick! Gunbrick is not your usual Nitrome game, you don’t have a usual menu or highscores, in fact, you don’t see who completes the game until the credits at the end of the game.

What is unique about Gunbrick is that you can actually play it in the game logo, or in a highly pixalised 550×550 nitrome game screen, where usual Nitrome games are played. This game is also shorter than usual Nitrome games, spanning only 11 levels. But although it is shorter, it has a hard boss at the end and long levels with lots of excitement. Plus, the music is awesome!

Give Gunbrick a go and see how far you can get (or think how far your are) in this retro icon game!



4 Responses to Gunbrick released!

  1. Bamseper says:

    Hot sir jr.? I think you mean air XD
    Gunbrick doesn’t seem to work on my PC…

  2. rexicom says:

    Doens’t work on mine too.

    • Random-storykeeper says:

      It seems to not work on IE. Try playing it on another browser like Chrome or Firefox. Nitrome already seems to be looking into this problem.

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