Neutronized’s Roar Rampage’s destruction engine based off Rubble Trouble Engine

(credit to my sister for telling me)

Many of you may not know about the indie game makers Neutronized, who make games in a similar style to Nitrome’s games. I know about them because my sister writes on the Neutronized Wiki. Neutronized’s current released game – Roar Rampage – is a side scroller where you playas this godzilla-like monster going across this city destroying buildings with your giant boxing glove. You use the mouse to extend your boxing glove, and have to move your mouse in certain motions to punch and destroy buildings.

The game is very ingenious, and after some minutes of playing, you may realize that how the bricks are destroyed is similar to how bricks in Rubble Trouble are destroyed. When you punch a building, you make a big hole in the building and send bricks flying. Some buildings contain metal beams, and sometimes you can destroy the base of a building and punch around clumps of base-connected parts.

Neutronized has acknowledged on their blog that the destructive engine for the game is “influenced by one the greatest and clever games, Rubble Trouble.”. A very special thanks is also given out on the blog post to Nitrome.

If your anxious to see what game Nitrome plans on releasing today – whether you’ll be blowing balloons around in Hot Air Jr., bouncing around as a Moon made of Cheese in Cheese Dreams 2, performing tests for your watching master in Test Subject 3, or exploring an abandoned area as a thief in an untitled Nitrome platformer -, you can take a go at Roar Rampage until Nitrome gets around at releasing their new game.

Roar Rampage


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