More information on Cave Chaos 2

Nitrome has revealed more information on Cave Chaos 2, which was mentioned a few times in some previous blog posts. This blog post is completely about Cave Chaos 2. This blog post has revealed that this will not be the game coming out tomorrow, as Cave Chaos 2 is not fully complete. All the enemies, interactive objects (Interactive Objects being objects that can be interacted with, e.g: Springs, Buttons), hazards, and other elements of the games have been finished. As I quote from Nitrome, “almost all the levels” have been completed.

By “completed”, I do not mean that Mat Annal and the Nitrome employees have play-tested the levels and completed all the currently made levels, I mean they have “built” all the levels. Although not all the levels have been made, a giant boss has been finished. Take a look for yourself!

The boss looks giant! What could it be? A giant Mo and DJ from Cave Chaos 1? Well, that;s it for Cave Chaos! Also, Nitrome has encountered a technical problem that is preventing them from releasing their game, a problem they are trying to quickly fix.


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