Cheese Dreams Demo!

Can’t write much now, filled too much with excitement. Here’s the link, found it by typing the URL on



Above is the post written by me at 10 in the morning. I couldn’t finish it completely because I had to eat breakfast. Now that I’m able, I think I’ll write a full post. I actually entered the URL after I saw x100800ro (German user from Österreich) uploaded the logo. I didn’t see the game at first, but found it when I imputed the word “cheesedreamsdemo” after the “games/” section of the URL. I was shocked, and went into “awesome mode”, where (as my sister could notice), I said every new thing in the game was “awesome”.

And in fact, the game is awesome! Nitrome is planning to release Cheese Dreams 2, this demo showing how the new engine works, and how the art looks. The gameplay isn’t like the previous Cheese Dream title, which Nitrome said was “hard” (really? hard? Cheese Dreams was easy!). New objects are introduced, while old ones are given a modern look. Molten Cheese in the game stretches down like a cord when you go on it, and boxes move realistically around when you hit them.

You can also enter buildings! Nitrome has stated that Cheese Dreams 2 will take place in a different environment than its predecessor did, as many may not have seen the ending of Cheese Dreams. Cheese Dreams 2 seems to have art done by the person who did Chisel, which I think was Jon Annal. Well, I can’t wait to see how the new environment will look!

Play the cheese dreams demo by scrolling up to the top of this blog post and clicking the “Play” link, as why should I include two links to the same thing in a blog post?


6 Responses to Cheese Dreams Demo!

  1. Bamseper says:

    Did you win the demo yet? I’m too impatient… If you did, what happens?

  2. Bamseper says:

    A new nitrome blog post! They tell us a bit about Cave chaos 2, and they also show a picture of a boss battle!

  3. Bamseper says:

    Ooop… What is this “Gunbrick” thing?

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