More information on Hot Air 3

Well everybody, Nitrome has revealed more about Hot Air 3. First off, it will run on a new engine. Because this game runs on a different engine than Hot Air 1 & 2, Nitrome decided to give the game the Name Hot Air Jr. instead of Hot Air 3, making “the game more attractive to people not familiar with the franchise”. The game also has a different artist, as from the style of the Art Mat Annal (who did the art for the previous two games in the series) did not do it.

Nitrome has stuck with some features of the previous game and also changed things around a bit. Nitrome did not tell fans all the features they will be keeping or removing, only a few. Hot Air Jr. will introduce new element(s) every level, something Hot Air 1 has established. A change from the previous two games will be that not every single wall in the game will have spikes on it, making going through levels much easier.

Oh, I almost forgot. Why is this game being called Hot Air Jr.? Well… for all of you who haven’t completed Hot Air 2 will find this a spoiler. Hot Air marries his Girlfriend at the end of the game, and Nitrome says they have a child, the main character will be Hot Air’s child! Nitrome has also established something else – they are going to release a Demo of the game for feedback, so they won’t anger fans who liked Spike filled levels, and to get feedback on the gameplay so they can make changes to it.

Finally, they provided an image of the game. See for yourself:Well, that’s it for today!


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