Demos coming to!

Nitrome is soon going to do something new! Soon, they will be releasing Demos for certain games they are currently working on. These Demos will be like a Tech Demo, a little game made to show how a certain mechanic for an upcoming game will work. The Demo may have a level to be seen in the final game, and they may not. The whole reason for Demos is not to put out games more often for people to play, but so that Nitrome can gain feedback on the mechanic and game before they go far into developing the game with that gameplay, so that they can make games more fun. Demos will probably have content that has been designed for a game all the way up to the release of the demo. The actual game will range from slightly to very different from the Demo.

Nitrome has told us what the first Demo will be, it will be a”small playground” of some of the mechanics Nitrome is developing, the demo containing art and content from an existing franchise (by “Franchise”, I think they mean it will contain content from a game that has already got a sequel). However, Hot Air and Cave Chaos will not be the base of the content in the sequel. These Demos will not have your character stuck in a room with a new mechanic, Demos will be like usual Nitrome games (or close to the size of a regular one), only test a new mechanic. Nitrome has not presented fans with a date this Demo will come out, as they doesn’t want to have to push back a release again (as they did with Skywire VIP Extended).


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  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Can’t wait! I always loved game demos. 🙂

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