Hot Air 3 announced! + Mega Mash is 14th Distributable Game

Well Nitrome fans, all of you who guessed the “preview image” is an enemy in Hot Air 3… are right! Nitrome has revealed that this game will be coming to soon (possibly 1-2 months). Nitrome shared with us a screenshot of the game, which, if you may notice, proves that Mat Annal wasn’t the one to do the art.

From the Blue Balloon’s single tooth and large pink cheeks, the main character for this game will probably be Hot Air’s son. And, well, it seems as though the game takes place in the area Canopy (a Nitrome games) takes place (although I’m quite sure the resemblance was unintentional). I can’t wait for Hot Air 3, as I loved the previous games Hot Air 1 & 2 (although they were difficult…).

Thought I was done? You wold think that if you could unlock Mega Mash in Hot Air 3. Nitr0me has released Mega Mash as a Distributable Game. Basically, Distributional Games are games which Nitrome has allowed for people to freely place on their site for free, kind of a way for Nitrome to advertise and brig more people to their site.


One Response to Hot Air 3 announced! + Mega Mash is 14th Distributable Game

  1. bamseper says:

    Ah, a classic sequel. I can’t wait 😀

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