Is Nitrome’s cryptic sequel revealed today Hot Air 3?

Nitrome had a 50% chance of revealing content for their upcoming game today, or releasing Skywire VIP – Extended. Well, it seems Nitrome wanted to save Skywire VIP – Extended for Friday, as Nitrome seems to enjoy ending the week off with a game release (which explains why most Nitrome games are released on Friday). Today, Nitrome showed Fans a purple bug like enemy with flapping wings and a fat purple body, which would be an enemy in an upcoming sequel.

Nitrome made it more harder to tell what sequel this enemy was from, as the enemy incorporated several features from other Nitrome enemies/characters. This bug has the face of King Frog from Enemy 585, and the body of Aliens from Canary. I easily thought this meant a sequel to Enemy 585, however, some people have guessed “Hot Air”. Then I began to wonder…could it be Hot Air? Well, it most likely is. Notice how the V shape of the Enemy’s eyebrows, and its frown.

Although these may seem to be just some added features to show the emotion of the enemy, a distinct feature of close to all Hot Air enemies is they are frowning and have V shaped eyebrows, to show they are angry. Not many people would have guessed this, I only guessed it because I had a good long look at all Hot Air enemies, as I was the one on the Nitrome Wiki who had manually taken a picture of all enemies in Hot Air and given them a transparent background…and gone over all those pictures 3 times.

You wouldn’t guess from the art it was meant to be an enemy in a Hot Air game, from the style of the art, it obviously isn’t done by Mat. Well, this is just my assumption on what I think the game will be…what do you think the game will be?


2 Responses to Is Nitrome’s cryptic sequel revealed today Hot Air 3?

  1. bug2799 says:

    Guessing by the purple, Canary 2, maybe. But by the angry (and silly.) face, Hot Air 2. But the art’s different, so it could be any game enemy! We don’t know yet.

  2. Jayem says:

    The big clue is it says it’s from one of Nitrome’s earliest games. I think Hot Air is very likely.

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