Swindler released + Updates

Nitrome has finally released Swindler, and on Tuesday also. Most Nitrome games are released between Wednesday and Saturday, making Swindler’s release unexpected. In the game, you control a gooey green thief (I think he’s a thief) and have to rotate the level to get to the treasure. You’ll have to stretch your never-ending supply of cord around blocks to navigate, as the Swindler seems to be unable to walk. This game is difficult at first, but gets easier.

Okay, I know that’s yesterday’s news, sorry I was late. Now for some present news (as of this time), Romain Macre (programer of Swindler) and fixed some bugs in the game. To Nitrome fans who have experienced extremely bad glitches like the Warlock glitch and Infinite Elevator Glitch of Nitrome Must Die, or the disappearing Barrel glitch of Enemy 585 will be happy to hear this (if you have encountered bad glitches in Swindler, that is). Now, you will no longer be forced underground by examining the ground a new bomb grows, and won’t have be Cord Bonus-less when submitting your high scores.

Well, that’s it for today folks.

UPDATE: Dave (in the comments) has pointed out I got the programmer for Swindler wrong, it isn’t Luis Romero, it’s Romain Macre! Names have been changed in the above paragraph from Luis Romero to Romain Macre.


4 Responses to Swindler released + Updates

  1. bug2799 says:

    Hmm. Sounds uncreative. But fun.

  2. Yuri says:

    Hey, check the blog, they announced the misterious sequel.

  3. DAVE says:

    Luis Romero is not the programmer of swindler it is romain macre

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