Swindler announced

After the long wait of 5 months, Nitrome has finally revealed more content about that Untitled Game, the one with the green guy who attaches a stretchy part of his head to a pole. This game is called Swindler, and features gameplay reminiscent of Dangle (released 5 year ago, also by Nitrome). They even provided an image, which makes me more eager to play the game.

Nitrome plans to release this game next week, along with reveal what that mystery sequel is (I highly think it’s Cave Chaos, but Nitrome could be showing us an image from the game that looks a lot like Cave Chaos). There’s a lot of Nitrome goodies in store for next week!


2 Responses to Swindler announced

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Swindler announced – and released.

  2. bamseper says:

    Released! It’s and OK game… Not the best though. I’ll look it up at the wiki now, for some enemie art (i love eneme art)

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