Skywire VIP… 2?

Many of you were probably eager to know what that Nitrome fanart was that would influence Nitrome’s next game. Well it turns out that “Fan Art” was an entire game. This fanart is a sequel of Skywire VIP, and is called Skywire VIP – Extended.

This entire game features 100 new bean people never seen in Skywire VIP. Max Schramp and Duncan Smith are the creators of this game (well, the 100 new levels that is). This game was created on, so you can play it via the link below. This game will soon be coming to, so until then you can play it on Scratch. I’m stuck on level 3, so if you manage to get any farther, help the Nitrome community out by posting your answers on the levels section of the Nitrome Wiki page.

Play game on Scratch (NOTE: May slow down your computer)

Nitrome Wiki article


4 Responses to Skywire VIP… 2?

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Well I’ve been stuck on level 4. It looks a lot like Cat in the Hat, but I added that AND Dr. Seuss and they’re both not accepted. D:

  2. Random-storykeeper says:

    LOL, the title made me think that the sequel Nitrome hinted last blog post was going to be Skywire VIP 2, and I was feeling really disappointed. 😀

  3. Caroline says:

    Level 4 is The Cat in The Hat But do you know what level 15 is I have been stuck on it for ages!!!

  4. bean says:

    in sooooo stuck on level 13!!! help me someone!

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