Mystery pixelly preview image revealed

Nitrome has revealed an image of an upcoming Nitrome  sequel – only it’s pixelly. Like for past pixelly preview images, Nitrome Fans are invited to guess on Twitter and Facebook.

Nitrome has said that this game is featured on the first page of the most hearted games, and hasn’t received a sequel. Those sequel-less games on that page (that aren’t part of any series) are Silly Sausage, Avalanche, Flipside, Lockehorn, Cave Chaos, Mega Mash, Mutiny, Canopy, Bad Ice0Cream and Nitrome Must Die. Since the colour scheme is black, that eliminates Avalanche, Lockehorn, Mega Mash, Bad Ice-Cream, Canopy, and Mutiny. That leaves Silly Sausage, Flipside, Cave Chaos, and Nitrome Must Die.

Everything in Flipside is in shades of black and grey, with the exception of the bumpers and the race cars. What else in Nitrome Must Die is brown (other than the waste a player wins if they have lesser points than one player)? That leaves Silly Sausage and Cave Chaos! Silly Sausage is kind of pixelly, like old 8-bit games, so that likely won’t receive a sequel. Cave Chaos is left. I may be wrong, but I think Cave Chaos will be the sequel. What game do you think will get the sequel?


3 Responses to Mystery pixelly preview image revealed

  1. Bamseper says:

    I think it will be Cave chaos too. Me and a friend loves that game so we will probably play the sequel together. I cant wait!

  2. Eric says:

    It is Cave Chaos. If you don’t believe me, look at the gray areas. The gray/green is a block with gems in it. The brown is boxes, and the gray/brown on the left is the character.
    I was hoping for Mutiny 2.

  3. Prix.n.Trx says:

    that is so cave chaos I mean it’s so easy! I saw it on the blog

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