Second Memory Lane post reveals Twang Development Images

Hello fellow readers! Nitrome has made a second post in their Memory Lane category, a category used for Nitrome Posts regarding old Nitrome games, usually revealing some before unknown content. Today Nitrome has picked Twang as the subject of this installment of Memory Lane. For those of you that have not played Twang, in Twang the level is made up of several coloured lines, which can be interacted with. All lines can be moved, and act differently than other lines. Twang was made for MTV Games, and is programmed by Chris Burt-Brown and features art by Mat and Jon Annal. Twang won Nitrome a giant rubber arrow, as Twang won the Peoples Choice award at Flash Forward 2008.

Twang, like probably many Nitrome games, went through many redesigns. What is now a purple asteroid-shaped cloud filled background was before made of red hues… and before that volcanoes? Nitrome has provided some development images, which I will talk about.

In the early days of Twangland, Black Balls were a primitive cat looking species. In that era of Twangland, Cats had Jetpacks and Alligators grew legs and walked on air. The Water was also the usual blue colour.

As years past, Twangland rocks turned from orange to purple, and Black Balls grew a fine set of teeth, but lost their kitty ears. They also seem to have discovered bandages, to put over their wounds they received from colliding with the wildlife. Alligators also progressed, they found that lines were for walking on. Electric Spheres seem to have somehow made it on to the planet, and now move endlessly on lines.

This image isn’t part of Twangland history, but seems to be some attempts at making art for Twang.

This image seems to be background for Twang, which featured volcanoes that serve as homes for bubbles. This image may have been made in the early stages of development.

Well, that’s it for this blog post. Hope you liked the commentary for the pictures, and in case you are wondering if the commentary was from Twang, it wasn’t. I made it up completely.


3 Responses to Second Memory Lane post reveals Twang Development Images

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    When I first played Twang, I didn’t understand how to pull the lines. I thought they had to be pushed up, so when Black Ball only rolled a little down the line in level 1, I gave up. 🙂

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