Rainbogeddon released!

Just yesterday I was making a logo on the Nitrome Wiki about the three previewed unreleased games, and now one has been released! Rainbogeddon, previewed last September on the 23rd, has now been released! It is also two player, so you and a friend can play!

This game is Pac-Man like, the objective being to collect all the Pills while avoiding the enemies, who seem to not want you to eat all their food! You can gain power ups to protect yourself from the territorial enemies, and power them up so you can more easily defeat enemies. This game features programming by Luis Romero (mentioned in same past Blog posts). The art was done by Mat Annal, who hasn’t done art for a very long time (last time I can remember he did art for Feed Me, released 6 year ago). Not only that, Mat didn’t animate the sprites, Markus did.And who did the cool art effects? Stefan Ahlin did, the one who did the awesome art for Fault Line and Enemy 585.

Play Rainbogeddon


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  1. bamseper says:

    This game is awesome. I havent posted here in a looong time, i know… I’m sorry about that, but i hav beem busy with other things..

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