First Memory Lane post mentions Square Meal 2

Nitrome has finally got around to making their first Memory Lane post. They say this section of the blog will be used for This section of the blog will be used by Nitrome to reminisce about past games. What is the game today? Square Meal, which was Nitrome’s latest game before expanding to their London Offices. A lot of previously unknown information was revealed. It turn out that Square Meal was planned to have a Sequel, and it went into development before the Halloween Skin. Nitrome ceased development on the game to work on the Skin, then forgot about Square Meal 2. Now, 4 years later, they have uncovered its files, and reveal an enemy – The Weresquare!

The Weresquare transforming!

The Weresquare was a planned enemy for the game. In Square Meal 2, as Mat has said (in case you think I’m lying or hacked into Nitrome and played their game (that isn’t even possible)), this enemy would run away from the player. Then, it would transform into a furry, carnivorous Square, and want to eat you! It would then proceed to hunt you down and kill you. Nitrome doesn’t have any plans to finish Square Meal 2, but who knows? Maybe Nitrome will think of finishing the game in the near future.


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