Nitrome 2.1 features

Nitrome has finally revealed the full list of Features for Nitrome 2.1 (aka an update for their current website).  Nitrome revealed some new things, as well as new content for stuff they already revealed. They also revealed an image!

First up, Accounts! As mentioned before, you will be able to create accounts, as well as log into them, once they have been created, with a Twitter and Facebook account, as well as link your Facebook or Twitter account with your Nitrome account. You will also be able to add an Avatar, but not a custom-made one. You can use images of Nitrome characters to represent you, and find extra Nitrome Character Avatars around the site as well as in games. Nitrome may award you for certain tasks. The “ground work” with Avatars will be expanded in future updates, and possible lead to a potential Achievement system. This proves that the Rewards section (which I talked about in a previous blog post) is still being worked on.

Annoyed with having to sift through tons of blog posts for information? The search bar to be provided with this update allows you to search for keywords in Games, Blog Posts, and users using this new feature. As seen on many sites with user accounts, and now coming to Nitrome, you will be able to send friend requests to users. You can send a request to someone who comments, someone who puts up a high score, or by inputting their exact user name. Search for users by there username, email address, or by other names they go by in other games; on the internet or on a home console. Want a friend to join from Facebook or Twitter? By linking your nitrome account to Facebook, Twitter, or both, you can send invitations to your friends on those sites.

What will profiles contain? Well, they will have a list of all your friends, your unlocked avatars, avatar you are currently using, comments, your Nitrome number, and games you have recently played, as well as hearted game. Hearted Games will be added to your hearted games list, which you and others can see. This update allows you to comment on games and blog posts, and reply to other comments. Many of you are probable tired of losing your game saves, especially for Nanbots (for those who have completed the hardest Nitrome game made). Never fear! A profile will track your game saves, so you will never lose them, and can access them from any computer! Yay! However, Nitrome has to update the games so they can do this. Newer game and a selection of some other games will be updated with this. Nitrome will be more likely to update a game the newer and more popular it is.

This system of having games saved to an account is only available for accounts, so if you don’t want to log in, game saves are saved the way they were saved before. And if you create an account, your game saves prior to the account will not be lost, but transferred to the account so they can never be lost. Nitrome will tag games you have completed, but this will not be indicated by any icon in the 2.1 update. And finally, by connecting your Facebook account to your Nitrome account, Nitrome will be able to tie the game’s scores with your score, and you will be able to filter the high scores to see your friends scores. By linking your Twitter account with your Nitrome account, you will be able to talk about your score on Twitter and notify your Twitter followers.

Some images will be revamped for the site. Well, that’s it for the contents of Nitrome 2.1! I can’t wait for them to be released in the near future.


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