Unofficial Revealing of upcoming Nitrome Blog banner

Nitrome Wiki user Lilonow has posted on the Nitrome Wiki an image of the Nitrome Blog Banner to be unveiled this coming week. He says a Nitrome Fan on Facebook had originally found this out. Lilonow not only found out the name of the Banner, but also posted the link to it on, for proof of it being real (link here). Image below:

From the banner, an old Rabbit (Fluffykins, the rabbit from Mega Mash perhaps?) is day dreaming of his childhood days, when he used to run on hills eating Carrots. Now? The rabbit is drinking a bottle of some kind of Carrot Juice while a dog is…urinating on his hand. What will sections on the blog with this banner be about? Mat’s enjoyment with bombing Racers with the Blue Shell in Mario Kart? I guess we have to wait and see. Also, I have uploaded the ending of Flash Cat on Youtube, for all to see. Well, that’s it for today!


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