Lockehorn Multiplayer + Jay is Games nominations + Stuff next week

Multiple things have happened on the Nitrome Blog today, like yesterday. First, 5 Nitrome games have been nominated for Jay is Games Best Games of 2011. Canary, Rubble Trouble Moscow, Nitrome Must Die, Test Subject Blue, and Steamlands are the nominees. Vote for them below by clicking the links:


Rubble Trouble Moscow

Nitrome Must Die

Test Subject Blue


You can only vote once in each section, per day. That’s just one of the three topics covered today in the blog. Nitrome has announced an update to Lockehorn, that not only contains an easy mode and bug fixes, but a Multiplayer-only (like Test Subject Arena)  mode. Nitrome announced this along with a screenshot:

From what I have seen in the image, both players have to do some action with the Slab of Ice to gain “coloured points” (indicated by the bars at the top of the screen). This multiplayer mode will also contain objects not seen in Single Player Lockehorn. For more information about Multiplayer Mode, see the Lockehorn Article on the Nitrome Wiki. That’s not all! Nitrome will reveal all the neat features of Nitrome 2.1 (which will contain the Search Bar and User Profiles for the site) next week, release the Lockehorn 2-player update, and reveal a new Blog Banner next week. Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to Lockehorn Multiplayer + Jay is Games nominations + Stuff next week

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    Voting once per day…does that mean I can vote once per day or only vote once per day per genre? I’m stuck between three of my favourite games nominated in the same genre, and one of them is a Nitrome game! I want to vote for them all. D=

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