SOPA Vs. the Internet + Nitrome 2.1

As mentioned last week, Nitrome today has unveiled the new banner. This banner is like an updated version of the News Banner, and is called Industry News. The News banner will still be used. Nitrome has explained that this banner will be used for posts about “significant events that may affect or influence Nitrome”, Nitrome’s opinion about the matter, and the possibilities it can open up or problems it can start. The first post for today was about SOPPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which is about stopping Online Piracy and to give the American Government more power to turn off sites which they fell is infringing copyright. As Nitrome has said, many Film Studios and Music Companies (which have been most effected by Online Piracy) have agreed this is a good idea, and are pushing for the bill to pass. Many Social Networking sites and Web Based Company’s are against this, as this could drastically change their site, and web services.

At the mean time, this does not directly affect Nitrome, and hopefully wont. Several web sites like Facebook and Youtube will be down temporarily on January 18th to protest the bill. Nitrome will stay up, but Nitrome’s Facebook and Youtube page’s wont. The blog post about this (which I have kind of taken a lot from) was written by Mat, unlike Tom or Jon or write most blog posts these days. Now I think its time we change from piracy prevention to Nitrome 2.1. Below is the screenshot Nitrome provided, to show how their new features will be:

Nitrome has announced the new features that are going to come to this site, a Search Bar and Profile (Yay!). These new features weren’t easy to make, it took more time than Nitrome estimated it would be. Nitrome will not infect your computer with a virus and force you to create the account, it is optional. An account is not required to play their games, but creating an account allows the user to access benefits (like Rewards). Along with this in Nitrome 2.1 comes a Search Bar, which was also not easy to make. The search bar will allow you to search on…um… Nitrome related stuff, and will probably be able to pull up Blog Posts and games. I wonder what other content the Search Bar will be able to find, as there really isn’t that much to search for on (unless it will contain links to stuff on the Nitrome Wiki).

Nitrome hopes there fans will appreciate the effort that went into bringing these features to their Site.  Nitrome will reveal more about this (and possibly about the Rewards) next week.


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  1. HAHAHA ! I’m right for the profile ! Is a perfect feature, and the search box is very cool too.

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