Rubble Trouble Moscow released

The highly anticipated sequel to Rubble Trouble has now been released! I remember last week Thursday waking up and running downstairs and waiting eagerly for Nitrome to set up the Lockehorn link. Rubble Trouble Moscow has the same 30 levels of the previous games, and new tools as well. Some of you may experience a glitch on level 1 where the game says “press space bar to deselect tool”, and skip at the bottom of the level. If this does happen, simply refresh the page.

  Play Rubble Trouble Moscow


2 Responses to Rubble Trouble Moscow released

  1. bug2799 says:

    I didn’t have that glitch. But anyways I’ve played it… and level 5… is hard. I mean, I use the tank 2 times for the building at the left, then I try using the steel beam to destroy the other 2 buildings… only to have the steel beam all wonky! How can I finish the level WITHOUT the steel beam wonky repeatedly!? HMM?!?!

  2. Hehe, I go to level 12, more don’t passed.

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