Video Page redone

Many of you have probably noticed that all the Screentoaster videos are dead. Before I thought Screentoaster ended before, but turns out they didn’t. I thought that is what happened to them now, but it seems it hasn’t – there gone for good. All my videos and Nitrome game walthroughs were gone along with it. When I was playing Nitrome Mist die, one user asked what the ending was, and I said I would make a video of it. So that day, I got a Youtube account and recorded my first Youtube video – the ending of Nitrome Must Die. I uploaded it, and saw how I got lots of views. Now, that video has over a thousand views. I recorded some more walkthroughs of NMD, and then thought “Hey! Why don’t I post these videos on my Nitrome Universe page?”, so today I did. Now you can all see my walkthroughs, as well as endings, in video form, on the new video page. I have also placed the NMd and Lockehorn ending on there, so you won’t have to see my awful gifs. I will post a video on the Video Walthroughs page when I upload it. Enjoy the videos!


2 Responses to Video Page redone

  1. bug2799 says:

    Who the heck is Screentoaster?!

    • NOBODY says:

      They were a site which allowed you to take videos, using there free video capturing program which you don’t have to download. It was pretty good, and using it I uploaded 40+ videos, before it closed.

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