Lockehorn has been released!

That discovery on Nitrome.com foreshadowed that Lockehorn would be re;eased the next day, and it now has! I haven’t been able to play it, and at the time can’t as the page for the game hasn’t been set up. The only thing that makes known that it has been released is that there is a video that shows the game on the front page. Clicking the video takes you to the Lockehorn page, but them immediately redirects you back to Nitrome.com, as the page doesn’t exist. Soon, the  page will be up, and we can enjoy a wonderful winter game, as well as today or tomorrow find out what the next Christmas game is.

Link to Lockehorn game page

Update: Game is now up!


4 Responses to Lockehorn has been released!

  1. Tobie says:

    Amazing game! Most players will probably find it too hard, but I found it a nice challenge! I completed the game in an hour… Here’s the ending: http://i43.tinypic.com/r2s482.png

  2. Mironar says:

    New game preview! It’s actually…..a new Rubble Trouble game set in Moscow! I can’t wait!

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