A discovery on Nitrome.com – Is Lockehorn the soon-to-be-released Winter game?

Wow! Two exciting discoveries in two months! Today, an unregistered user on the Nitrome Wiki said that the Winter Nitrome Game to be released this week is called Lockehorn. I checked the Nitrome Blog and they said nothing about it. Curious, I typed in “Lockehorn” in the url bar, typing it in like the URL of a Nitrome game, and I came to a page titled Lockehorn! This is great because if you type in a URL for a game, and the game doesn’t exist, you are redirected to the front page of Nitrome.com. But I wasn’t, so I think the game may  be released tomorrow. I guess we have to wait if it is. Also, during the time I checked it, Nitrome.com was suffering from a glitch that prevented you from playing games, and didn’t load the background.

Link to game page: Lockehorn


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