Round up of the year 2

December 31, 2011

Well, 2011 is coming to an end. According to my computer clock, there is only 9 hours and 50 minutes until the end of the year! We won’t be able to visit 2011 until Time Machines are invented. What Nitrome stuff happened this year? Well, I’m going to sum it up below in 12 parts.

January, the start of 2011. Nitrome releases The Bucket on the 24th of Januar,y as well as the NES Skin, a skin having images of many nitrome characters or future ones in 8-bit. What happens next? Nitrome releases Canary, the side scroller where you are the new recruit of Canary Mining Colony CM08, defending yousrelf against the mind controlling Aliens who want to take over the mine. Ahh, a great Nitrome game.

February starts off with awards, Fault Line winning the “best platform category” at the Jay is Games best of 2010. February 25th becomes a great day for blog pots, with a few previews and new stuff. The Nitrome blog receives an overhaul, now being able to be scrolled with a mouse wheel, as well as being able to Tweet, Share, and “like” their posts. Test Subject Blue is previewed, and Nitrome announces that they will be doing a “New post everyday”. Nitrome ends the month by jumping on to Twitter and updating their Facebook account with a new picture.

Nitrome again starts the month with a Bang, with previous galore throughout. Nitrome asks there slowly growing community what to call them, and releases Test Subject Blue the same day (little did they know it was a start of a series). For 2 days Nitrome shows fans preview images of Chisel 2, and reveals blog comments for the new blog (which still haven’t been implemented even 9 months later, but will likely be seen in the new year). Remember the long forgotten image of Steamlands released November 2010? Well, Nitrome posts the first trailer for it, as well as one for Chisel 2. Nitrome posts the first preview of the new site design, and the next day releases Chisel 2. Soon after, the Knight Trap preview is released, along with another preview for the new site some days later. What comes next? A video trailer of Knight Trap and one of a game mechanic to be implemented into a game, and next some more content on the upcoming site. Nitrome’s Facebook page begins to climb Mount Nevereverest (from Frost Nite 2), with 6000 likes.

Nitrome names their fans Nitromians, and gives them Knight Trap for some platform-jumping action. Next, Nitrome sends two more Sequels at the fans, with a pixelly image of Rubble Trouble Tokyo and a sprite of a green enzyme from Test Subject Green. Nitrome adds unique preloaders to all of their games, and wets there fans appetite with the second trailer of Steamlands, and gives Game review sites the chance to play it before their fans can. The highly anticipated Steamlands game is released, but is brought down for bug fixes, then released again. Nitrome fixes more bugs in Steamlands and on their site, and sheds more light on Test Subject 2 with a trailer, and one for Silly Sausage a week later.

Steamlands goes through more bug fixes and updates, and Nitrome reveals to fans Dev Mode. Th Rubble Trouble 2 guessing game is over, and Nitrome rewards the winners and losers with an image from Rubble Trouble Tokyo. Nitrome tunes its blog to Pirate land, where tiny little hackers are selling Skywire and Ice Breaker on the iTunes store. Is it legal? Is anything legal in Pirate land? Chances are, no, so it was illegal. Nitrome posts some tidbits of reviews of Steamlands, how many game review sites are praising it for its gameplay and fun. Nitrome decides its time to change from blowing up enemy tanks in Steamlands to running through tests – Test Subject Green becomes the next released game. Stefan Ahlin, creator of the awesome art in Enemy 585, adds an equally awesome background to Nitrome’s Youtube page. Nitrome announced that work has begun in Test Subject 3, while Mat compares the iTunes store Skywire Rip-off with the original game by Nitrome. Steamlands is still praised throughout the internet, having a written review on IGN. Silly Sausage is released on the 27th, while Mat answers many Super Feed Me questions on the 31st.
The cheat codes for Silly Sausage Nitrome tried to hide were reveled in places throughout the internet (including the Nitrome Wiki), so Nitrome just reveals them all on the spot. Nitrome announces the follow-up to Knight Trap with a trailer (which oddly seem to be of all the Knight Trap levels). Nitrome reveals another trailer for Office Trap, and releases the multiplayer-only game in the Test Subject Series – Test Subject Arena! Another Office Trap video is previewed here, and a website preview there, Nitrome releases a trailer for Rubble Trouble Tokyo, and a third Office Trap video, thus concluding June 2011.

I think I sense a pattern, a game receives several previews the previous moth, and is released the next. Office Trap follows this pattern, opening its doors for players to jump through on the 5th. Nitrome previews a preview of Canopy one week, and provides yet another preview of the upcoming site. Nitrome puts Fans to the test, by creating and uploading a trailer for Canopy, then asking fans to name the game (which wasn’t named at that point). Nitrome releases (literally) a remake of Rubble Trouble, having it named Rubble Trouble New York and with two new levels added. Nitrome squishes a nasty bug in Rustyard, so that fans are no longer stranded in the void between level 1 & 2, and as well release Rubble Trouble Tokyo, concluding July 2011.
Nitrome formed a game posse, and sailed across there 70+ games, going through glitchy waters and squishing any bugs that got in their way. Nitrome mended the Spider’s web in Dangle, so he and the player’s of his game could descend down the levels of Dangle. Nitrome updates Steamlands with an air freshener on the menu, so fans can access Dev Mode without having to input the Konami code (which was the previous way of accessing it). Nitrome also challenges fans to make levels in Dev Mode and send it to them, for a special surprise. Nitrome announces Mega Mash, the 7-in-1 game, and previews 7 images. Nitrome releases Canopy on the 19th, and informs fans that the switch from 1.5 and 2.0 will take place soon. It seems that the transition takes only a few days, as on August 26th, Fans are greeted by the super cool website design of 2.0, with many more features to be added.
Nitrome does a first, they start off the month with copyright infringement. Nitrome thought it would be funny to change the air freshener to the logo of a popular car brand. Well, it seems that the company found out, and kindly asked Nitrome to remove it, which they did. Starting with 2.0, Nitrome has allowed Webmasters of Sites to place Nitrome’s games on a blog or website, absolutely free. Bad Ice-Cream is released as a Distributable Game, being the 13th on the list. Another video preview for an unnamed game is uploaded and shown in the blog, only this time its a 20 second teaser. Nitrome updates fans on the Fan-Made Steamlands levels, and provided some tips for better levels. Guess what becomes #14 on the Distrib. Games list? Dirk Valentine. Nitrome fixes hearting on the new site, and shoots two unnamed game previews at fans (but not challenging them to give it a name). Nitrome finishes the month off with the release of Mega Mash, which ends up having a glitch that does not allow fans to finish the game (and thus, causing them to “Mega Mash” it).
Nitrome fixes Mega Mash, so all the people playing it don’t have to keep “Mega Mashing” there computers. Mega Mash, like Steamlands, is praised for its unique gameplay by many sites, among other things. Aaron Steed updates fans on the agony of playing through all the fan made levels, feeling like looking for another job the fan made Steamlands levels, and how he played them all, also providing some tips for how to make better levels. After picking through all the levels, Nitrome releases the Steamlands Player Pack, consisting only of level made by the player’s of the original game. Nitrome increases the layout of their website, increasing the size of it and adding some new features. What’s this? Does it seem that Nitrome Towers is infested with moving feet and hands? That’s what it seems to Nitrome, as they preview an upcoming game, the preview being a .gif. Nitrome’s Halloween game “Stumped” is released not to long after.
95, 96, 97, 98, 99, where’s number 100? For the past 7 years (up to November), Nitrome has been making games, in November coming to game 99. What will the 100th game be? Nitrome assures fans that it will be released soon. Nitrome asks fans that they can nominate games for the 2012 Mochi’s, and that Mat will be the judge that year. Nitrome sheds a bit more light on the mysterious 100th game, saying it hasn’t been previewed at all. From what I have collected, the ration of good content to bad content for Nitrome in the year (out of 100) is 97/3. Seems Nitrome that close to Christmas, some teenager has started up a hate sight for Nitrome, titled “Nitrome Must Die”. People have been singing it, and this as made Nitrome really sad. Well, it seems that the Nitrome fan community has retaliated, and sent Nitrome support on the matter (and I don’t mean money). It turns out the “Nitrome Must Die” site was a preview for the game “Nitrome Must Die”, which Nitrome uploads a preview for. A few days later they issue an update post on it, saying it is just being tweaked before being released. A week and so later, Nitrome posts a preview image, and the next day another preview image, and how the scoring for the game works. Well, the 24th comes around, and Nitrome Must Die is released, along with a skin titled “100th Game”. Nitrome updates fans during the remaining days of November, how they are fixing the game’s glitches.
Well, were nearing Christmas. Nitrome makes Avalanche #15 on the list of Distributable Games, and makes a section on there site for winter themed Nitrome games. Not only that, but they release a preview image of Lockehorn, which causes Glitches on the site on December 14th as they try to release it. It is successfully released on December 15th, along with a preview for Rubble Trouble Moscow the next day. 5 days later, Rubble Trouble 3 is made live on, and Nitrome makes the last blog post of 2011 the next day, wishing fans happy Christmas and that they will be back in the office on January 3rd, 2012.

Well, I’ve reached the end of my Round up,  with 1,844 words written. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as the agony I went through making it. Also, do you like these roundups I make? Post your opinion in the comments, and really tell me what you think of it. If you absolutely love it, tell me in the comments, and if you absolutely hate it and think it is a waste of your time, post it in the comments and I’ll delete your comment and put you on my blacklist, becuase I want to know what you think of my roundups.  Well, before I leave…

Have a happy new year!

(if it hasn’t already come)


Rubble Trouble Moscow released

December 21, 2011

The highly anticipated sequel to Rubble Trouble has now been released! I remember last week Thursday waking up and running downstairs and waiting eagerly for Nitrome to set up the Lockehorn link. Rubble Trouble Moscow has the same 30 levels of the previous games, and new tools as well. Some of you may experience a glitch on level 1 where the game says “press space bar to deselect tool”, and skip at the bottom of the level. If this does happen, simply refresh the page.

  Play Rubble Trouble Moscow

Video Page redone

December 16, 2011

Many of you have probably noticed that all the Screentoaster videos are dead. Before I thought Screentoaster ended before, but turns out they didn’t. I thought that is what happened to them now, but it seems it hasn’t – there gone for good. All my videos and Nitrome game walthroughs were gone along with it. When I was playing Nitrome Mist die, one user asked what the ending was, and I said I would make a video of it. So that day, I got a Youtube account and recorded my first Youtube video – the ending of Nitrome Must Die. I uploaded it, and saw how I got lots of views. Now, that video has over a thousand views. I recorded some more walkthroughs of NMD, and then thought “Hey! Why don’t I post these videos on my Nitrome Universe page?”, so today I did. Now you can all see my walkthroughs, as well as endings, in video form, on the new video page. I have also placed the NMd and Lockehorn ending on there, so you won’t have to see my awful gifs. I will post a video on the Video Walthroughs page when I upload it. Enjoy the videos!

Rubble Trouble 3 coming next week!

December 16, 2011

This week Nitrome released Lockehorn, where you help the little Elk call Lockehorn save his frozen tribe. Now, you can destroy old abandoned buildings while its snowing next week, in Rubble Trouble 3! I love the Rubble Trouble Series, and can’t wait to play the sequel next week!

Nitrome provided us fans with this image! I think (and many of you probably think) that this game will take place in Moscow, it probably will. Before I end this blog post, I thought I’d insert a little humor into this blog post, an image made by Lilonow of the Nitrome Wiki: Well, that’s it folks!

Lockehorn has been released!

December 15, 2011

That discovery on foreshadowed that Lockehorn would be re;eased the next day, and it now has! I haven’t been able to play it, and at the time can’t as the page for the game hasn’t been set up. The only thing that makes known that it has been released is that there is a video that shows the game on the front page. Clicking the video takes you to the Lockehorn page, but them immediately redirects you back to, as the page doesn’t exist. Soon, the  page will be up, and we can enjoy a wonderful winter game, as well as today or tomorrow find out what the next Christmas game is.

Link to Lockehorn game page

Update: Game is now up!

A discovery on – Is Lockehorn the soon-to-be-released Winter game?

December 14, 2011

Wow! Two exciting discoveries in two months! Today, an unregistered user on the Nitrome Wiki said that the Winter Nitrome Game to be released this week is called Lockehorn. I checked the Nitrome Blog and they said nothing about it. Curious, I typed in “Lockehorn” in the url bar, typing it in like the URL of a Nitrome game, and I came to a page titled Lockehorn! This is great because if you type in a URL for a game, and the game doesn’t exist, you are redirected to the front page of But I wasn’t, so I think the game may  be released tomorrow. I guess we have to wait if it is. Also, during the time I checked it, was suffering from a glitch that prevented you from playing games, and didn’t load the background.

Link to game page: Lockehorn

Winter Game preview image

December 9, 2011

Nitrome has revealed to us a screenshot of one of their two winter games!

This game  seems puzzle like, and from the look, I think the gameplay is you have to push the ice block into the stone mouth, or push the Ice  block off the screen. Nitrome has said this game will be released next week, along with the preview for their other winter game.

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