Scoring Points in Nitrome Must Die

Wow, yesterday we  were shown a preview image of the game, today we are shown another image of the game + how the scoring works. We are shown an image of Carter and Bennet in an elevator between levels.

This is how the scoring works. You gain points by collecting the coins from the enemies you killed. Upon completing the level, you are given the option to bank your score (keep it) or gamble it. When the player gambles it, they multiply the score by what the multiplier for that level is. The multiplier will increase by one when the player completes a level (without dying). For an example for how the scoring works, see the Nitrome Blog Post, since I probably won’t explain it well.


One Response to Scoring Points in Nitrome Must Die

  1. Random-storykeeper says:

    I nearly choked on my spit because excitement was going out around the Wiki. Nitrome Must Die, Nitrome’s 100th game has been released and there’s no blog post here about it? xD Well, I’m guessing it’s to come later. I can’t wait to play it!

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