Nitrome Must Die nearing completion

Nitrome has updated us on the current state of the game Nitrome Must Die. Nitrome has stated there not far off from releasing the game, just tweaking the level and adding the sound effects. Nitrome knows how eager fans are to play Nitrome Must Die, and say that they will put out the game as soon as they can. Nitrome hopes that when the game is released fans will have lots of fun, as that will be very rewarding to Nitrome, as lots of work has been put into the game. Also, Nitrome Must has reached 1000 signatures! Does Nitrome really have 1000 haters?

I can’t wait to play this game!


3 Responses to Nitrome Must Die nearing completion

  1. bamseper says:

    yeah, pretty sad with the 1000 haters… i bet one of the reasons they made it was to see how may people would sign… but i cant wait either!

  2. Tobie says:

    I actually signed up to see what would happen! Although I’m a huge fan of Nitrome, I knew from the start that it was just a way to advertise their hundredth game, so I decided to sign up. 😛 I might not be the only one…

  3. kj says:

    sadily, I also signed up xD not much fun…. ( that makes 998 haters)

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