100th game + Nitrome Must Die is a hoax

Nitrome reveled a lot today in one post. First, the revealed that the site Nitrome Must Die was made by Nitrome (many probably suspected this), and was linked to Nitrome’s 100th game. There’s a lot to say about the site Nitrome Must Die. Luckily, a user on the Nitrome Wiki has wrote an entire section about the history of the site Nitrome Must Die (link below). And second, Nitrome’s 100th game is called “Nitrome Must Die”! Also, they provided a video preview (below).

This game is currently the biggest non-premium Nitrome game, having 100 levels. Twin Shot 2 was before the biggest game, having 100 levels, although you had to pay for the extra 50. This game is going to have 40+ weapons, 10 bosses, and 100 levels. I wonder if each level will be devoted to a Nitrome game? I can’t wait for this game to be released. This game will probably be released in November, or if not in December.

Nitrome Must Die article link below.

Nitrome Must Die Nitrome Wiki article


2 Responses to 100th game + Nitrome Must Die is a hoax

  1. kj says:

    Yes, I was wondering why they would give a link to their fans to the page too.. I actually considered the thought that nirtome was tricking us (possibly the 2nd time secnce I started LOVING nitrome.)

    GO back who knows how far…… Remember the post on the NES? no we know nitrome may so suspicious things… I really do not know if the nes is real, but we still have no evedience. even the creepy quote on the box, and in the game, after the startup.

    I hope it was real, and they bring it out of their office to some video game convention and show the public another view of it 🙂

  2. SHOOP says:

    Hahaha… you were wrong…

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